It’s time to WAKE UP to the WOKE Movement !

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Dear Friends,

Maybe you are like me and have not really had time for the past 10 years or so to delve into what colleges are teaching students. Well , it is urgent that you do some research because what we are seeing in the news, young people attacking people in restaurants and yelling at people on the street and burning down buildings is a DIRECT result of what they have been taught, not just in college, but on many internet forums that most of us do not read. Our children are being brainwashed into a false gospel based on Marxist theories called Critical theory, or critical race theory if it is about racism, which is the current hot topic. Here is just one link , but there have been many unprovoked violent attacks . These kids truly believe they have the right to do this. The self-righteousness is thick.

Critical theory/ Marxism is a false gospel because it removes our own sin and only focuses on oppression by those in power. It promises something it cannot deliver, a heaven on earth after you achieve this elusive fair and just world. It also allows you to do anything including violent acts to achieve your goal. You may recognize some of Satan’s tricks here: Lies, pride, hate, anger, judging, greed, division. You may have wondered why so many have young people , and famous people, have left the church, have embraced social justice to an extreme degree, have started feeling anxious and depressed, started using words you’ve never heard of and you just thought they were harmless slang, but are actually Marxist/Critical Theory terms, such as intersectionality.

The way the theory works is that there are only two possible types of people, the oppressors and the oppressed, and if you are not fighting for the revolution, you are automatically the oppressor. This is very dangerous. The range of acceptable beliefs will become very small. The ones who believe in the concept of right and wrong based on the Bible will not be in that circle. Also, straight white male Christians cannot ever be acceptable because they are the epitome of oppression in this theory, so guess who that leaves out? White Christian fathers, and even non-White fathers, are under attack and risk being ‘cancelled’ by their own children.

You must educate yourself. Your child could be the next one who gets shot or commits suicide. Find out what they believe. I am posting a link below to a podcast. Please , this is urgent. This podcast sums it up well. You could skip the first couple of minutes but don’t stop before the end.

The church must wake up to the false gospel of ‘wokeness’ and preach with boldness the true gospel of Jesus Christ. The oppressor is our own sinful heart. The solution is repentance and following Jesus! As you can see this would not fit in with critical theory at all since the gospel was made by a ‘man’ and pushed by a powerful ‘institution’. The church ‘oppresses’ women and anyone who doesn’t have ‘power’ when it teaches that they should live according to a Bible that these Marxists rejects. Do not be fooled, social justice is not of God. Do not stay silent on this. Talk to your kids and family and friends who you see wrapped up in the BLM movement. Ask if they know what it’s about other than racial injustice. Most don’t. Help them see that Christians care about racial injustice but critical theory is a dangerous and deadly false gospel.

This is just a quick post. I am not trying to explain everything here. You can easily find many good websites on critical theory like I did. Here are a few links.

Good article.

Here is a short video explanation. The title is misleading. I think he left out the word Not.


  1. Well done! The right mix of information and passion, of faith and understanding. As a heterosexual white male conservative Christian, I am in the “woke” movements crosshairs. Easy to disregard some as flakes and fringe group, but the ideology seeps down into the public consciousness and eventually becomes “a thing” as in “real.” Very scary. Very un-Biblical. God bless!

    • Man, I tried to read that but it was such bullsh*t I couldn’t finish it. This whole thing is absolutely an attempt to destabilize society so badly that we have civil war and a new government can take over.

  2. And you are spot-on that this is something that needs to be confronted in churches. My parents’ evangelical Baptist church had major problems with the critical theory stuff when the BLM riots first started getting going. Folks saying pastors needed to fired if they did not get on board, etc. I think it is important to understand young Christians are being bullied and indoctrinated in school and online, and that has big implications for family and church life.

  3. What a great piece PK! I wholeheartedly agree and hate isn’t something ones born with, neither is the self entitled attitude that a lot of the young are claiming as they’re “right.” Yes, we have the right to speak, but we don’t have the right to the violent and misguided sword that they’ve picked up in the name of whatever it is they believe in at that moment.

    • Thanks. I know this is actually not a new thing but somehow I am just learning about it and it has opened my eyes so that all the terrible news stories suddenly make sense! I just added another video to the end of the post that was from 2018. I’ve heard these terms I just never took it serious.

  4. I think colleges need to encourage fee speech, all speech.
    I’m not a fan of the right wing, but if one of their wing nuts wants to speak at an event on a college campus let them speak.
    How else to understand what they are all about? If a person is standing at the podium and you know who they are, you know they are not a Russian troll.
    Banning right wing speech goes against what I believe a liberal education is all about.
    I’m not a fan of the far left either and hearing them say outlandish things make me embarrassed to call my self a liberal.

      • Very true . Check out the podcast I posted . I listened to second part of the racism episodes today. It’s very educational if you’re like me and thought systemic racism wasn’t still a thing . I don’t see the current or any recent government as the solution. They are the cause of these systemic issues. Most regular citizens
        are not trying to prevent nonwhite people from participating in the economy and power of America, but we vote for whoever the parties gives us . We need better candidates that represent the values of actual voters. I don’t hate illegal immigrants but I do want safe borders . I don’t hate anyone .

      • Agreed. We do need borders and we need a legal work situation. People are literally dieing to get here to harvest our food. Let them come seasonally or for 6 months and require them to check out when they cross the border going home. Safer for everyone. Most of these migrant workers have families they would love to see grow up and spend holidays with, but we make it too dangerous for them to go home

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