Remember God’s Mighty Deliverance!

God had promised Abraham that he would give him the land of Canaan and countless descendants. But after Abraham died, things started to look like they were going bad for his family. After many twists and turns, and a great famine, Abraham’s elderly grandson Jacob and his children and their families found themselves living in Egypt. God kept them in Egypt for 400 years before he called Moses, of the family of Levi, to bring them out . That seems strange for God to do this after he had made those promises, but that 400 years gave them plenty of time to multiply greatly in number and also to suffer under a pagan ruler as slaves which should have made them eager to leave. You can read about this in the last part of the book of Genesis.

Moses was a reluctant leader, but he led them out with great miracles of God such as dividing the Read Sea, getting water from a rock , and food falling from the sky. Yet when it came time to trust God and move into the land God had promised, the people got scared by what they saw as undefeatable giants They forgot God’s powerful works in saving them from Egypt and his promises to help them. And because of that they were kept in the desert for another 40 years. You can read this in the book of Exodus. Finally after all of those faithless ones had died, he used Joshua, who had never doubted God, to lead the people into the promised land. But first they had to cross the mighty Jordan river, another test of their faith, and once they stepped their foot into the water, God held the river back and they crossed on dry land!

Will you trust God? Will you step your foot into the water? Will you see what mighty works God will do?

Trust God to deliver you today as he has done by sending his son Jesus to die for your sins and in so many times throughout your life. Walk by faith, not by sight! Pray for the ability to trust Him more.

I will remember the works of the LORD: surely I will remember thy wonders of old.


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