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Hello and welcome! Who am I? Well most importantly, I am a Bible-believing Christian, the wife of a wonderful man and the mother of our six children, whom I homeschool. Raised in a big city, but now living in the country , I’ve had an interesting life so far. I like to write about running, health, outdoor fun, relationships, and whatever is on my mind. I can be opinionated, but I also try to see both sides of an issue and hope I am fair and logical. I strive to be a loving, faithful ambassador for Jesus by sharing my faith in the gospel with others. I don’t shy away from difficult topics because I believe that people need to discuss issues to learn about each other and also to spread truth.My education includes a lifetime of reading on many subjects as well as a Bachelors in Liberal Arts from a major university. If I had to narrow it down to one topic, I’d say that I enjoy sharing information that I hope may be helpful to someone. My goals are to inform, teach, entertain, and inspire.
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