How to Be a More Likeable SJW

  1. Respect your elders. Remember that they have lived through many changes and time periods.
  2. Don’t start off angry. If you’re right, you don’t need to be defensive.
  3. Think before speaking. Is what you’re about to say logical, helpful, kind, and factual?
  4. Climb down from your pedestal. Condescending and self-righteous posturing doesn’t help.
  5. Consider other viewpoints. You may be passionate, that does not always make you right.
  6. Listen when the other person speaks. Really listen.
  7. Research your subject from the viewpoint of the other side. Use many sources.
  8. Consider the possibility that a problem has more than one right answer.
  9. Be willing to compromise on gray areas. There are many.
  10. Remember your goals. Social justice is ultimately about healing human beings and their relationships with each other.

One reason it’s so hard to have a conversation with someone who considers themselves an activist who is saving the world from oppression is that they come across as angry, self-righteous and condemning. Some of them seem to know everything and have all the answers. Others seem ready to lock up or hang all those they blame for thousands of years of human problems.

As long as they continue to approach things from the critical race theory mindset, there can be no peace or justice. This misguided theory is dangerous and illogical as well as 100% Marxist.

They like to condemn people for using an ‘other’ approach, while they use the same approach.

All of it is the result of a worldview that focuses on ‘group identity’ versus individual. This idea minimizes individual freedom and emphasizes group responsibility and group guilt. It is illogical and unfair at it’s roots, Marxism.

Only by retaining individualism can we achieve true change.


  1. SJWs are fundamentally emotional people. You can’t ask them to reason through problems or consider trade-offs. Those are rational abilities.

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