Favorite Book-related Apps

Need a book? There’s an app for that! I know, groan, oldie, but goodie!

I resisted using apps for a long time because I didn’t really understand them. Now I realized there are so many handy ones that I am finally getting with the program.

Here are a few that I use. Goodreads, Kindle, Thriftbooks, and Libby. There is some overlap between them. Each has it’s best features.


Goodreads is a good app if you want to read and write reviews and learn about new books.
The reviews are very helpful,

Kindle for iPhone

Kindle is a familiar name and still a good option for reading ebooks.

Thriftbooks app

thriftbooks app
Thriftbooks app is handy for buying books and reading reviews. https://prf.hn/l/7AvP8kO


Libby is an app my library uses to check out ebooks. I use kindle to download them to my phone .
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What reading-related apps do you like to use ?


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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