The Thrill of Seeing The Fruits of Your Labor : Gardening

There are flowers on my squash plant! And baby tomatoes! Does anyone else get excited when they see a tiny flower or miniature vegetable appear like magic on their plants ? I know the answer is yes because I see people posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Why do we get so happy when plants do what they’re made to do ? I think it’s that we are never sure if our hard work is going to pay off and when it does, it’s like a victory! It feels like you beat the odds.

Not every plant is a producer. I’ve certainly bought tomato plants that turned out to be duds and produced nothing . I probably did something wrong. I’m not a very devoted gardener , but I like trying. We’ve also had very bountiful crops , but it’s been quite a few years since we planted a garden. So the excitement is all new again.

Did you plant a garden this year or are you going to? Do you get excited when it produces? Do you have any tips for me? Seems like Miracle-Gro really helps.


  1. I’m not sure I have much advice…we live in a drastically different climate and are still waiting for the rest of our snow to melt and temps to warm up, lol! 🙂 However, your garden looks like it is doing wonderful! Mulch and compost are my only words of “wisdom”, but again, I don’t really know about growing in Texas! Good luck on your garden, it always makes my heart happy when that hard work pays off. God Bless!

  2. I’ve always had a garden, even if it was just a patch in my mother in law’s back yard.
    I find gardening very relaxing. My garden is my little sanctuary. I can spend as much or as little time as I want and no one asks me why I did such and such and not this and that.
    I started seeds in January and my tomato plants are about a foot tall. Still too early here in Mass to plant outside though.
    Good luck this year!

  3. […] Summer ? Did we have a summer ? The highlight was really my son’s highlight. His friend came to visit from Wisconsin. We went to the beach . I got sick from a virus or something after that beach trip and things went downhill from there for me as far as health. But we did enjoy celebrating a couple of summer birthdays . Oh and we learned the joys of raised bed gardening and pickling our garden harvest! […]

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