What a Day! What a Week! What a Year! Looking Back at 2021 and Forward to 2022

2022 sounds like a nice, even-tempered, rational number. Here’s hoping for a good year!

Before we start looking forward , I want to celebrate the good things I remember from 2021.

December 30, 2021, yesterday, three things happened.

  • The shower enclosure was installed and the pipes were repaired in my sons’ bathroom!
  • I locked my keys in my car at Walmart along with my purse and phone, which made me feel extremely vulnerable, but my husband rescued me by bringing me a spare key that I didn’t know we had.
  • My 26 and 18 year old sons returned safely from an impromptu and first time-ever, long and cold motorcycle journey to Colorado.
It’s so clean! They had quite a time getting it assembled and installed.
I’ve been praying all week ! So happy they’re home. Quite an adventure.
I also got all these books at Goodwill for $12 yesterday before locking myself out of my car .

December 29, 2021. After not racing since February 2020, I ran a half marathon as part of the Snowdrop 55 hour timed race . This was after very limited training and mileage due to Covid recovery, so my finish time was pretty slow, 3:00 , but I had so much fun and I am very encouraged about making a comeback this year! It was so great to run with friends again.

The race was on a .69 mile loop.

November, ummm . Trying to recall. Lots of driving my youngest son to work and picking him up at night. That’s a good thing because it’s his first job and he’s doing well and learning a lot. This whole year was full of growth and changes for ALL of my sons. I’m so proud of them! Thanksgiving was also nice.

The view from my van when picking up my son at work.

October. My birthday month is usually pretty fun, but this year I was not myself. My trip to Utah was definitely the highlight. That trip was only possible because my husband was recovered enough to be left alone. Had to deal with some post-Covid PTSD, but I did it. God continued to carry me.

I continued my work to overcome my fear of heights.

August and September were extremely tough months , due to being hit hard with COVID, but I learned so much and grew in my faith . I especially discovered how much I love my husband and children when I thought I might lose them to COVID. Friends and family proved their faithfulness and love for us once again . God never failed to comfort and support us. Blogging and social media friends prayed and encouraged us and we appreciate you all so much!

Tough to look at this, but good to remember how far he’s come!

Summer ? Did we have a summer ? The highlight was really my son’s highlight. His friend came to visit from Wisconsin. We went to the beach . I got sick from a virus or something after that beach trip and things went downhill from there for me as far as health. But we did enjoy celebrating a couple of summer birthdays . Oh and we learned the joys of raised bed gardening and pickling our garden harvest!

It was a beautiful day.

Spring was nice. We remodeled our living and dining room, celebrated the end of Bible Study with a fun party, and said goodbye to the not-very-productive school year. The wildflowers were a sign of hope that life goes on despite the election results. Easter reminded us of our living Lord who will return for us in due time. We had a great time on our anniversary trip to San Antonio.

January and February. The beginning of the year is remembered for the unusual winter storm that froze Texas and resulted in many power outages. We were cold, but we had lots of fun playing in the most snow we’ve ever seen in Texas. I almost forgot that I started my podcast in March of this year! Figuring out podcasting has been a fun learning experience.

What did you Learn in the Past Year (2020)? Ep 1 Blue Skies and Green Pastures with Paula Adams

So pretty, so cold

We watched some good Netflix series and I read some books, but not as many as I’d like. Hoping to read a lot more this year.

Travelers on Netflix

This was a year of both tests and trials. There were many things that brought stress, but faith often grows through trials, and love is tested in challenging times. Although I feel like I’ve been through the wringer, I trust that God has a plan and a purpose for all of the suffering and pain and struggles. And I can truly say that God has provided in every situation.

In 2022, let us unite in our purpose to live in peace, serve the Lord and spread the gospel as we continue to resist tyranny and unconstitutional actions. Truth and justice must prevail. Love God, love your neighbor. Take time to smell the roses and drink the coffee. Kiss a baby.

How was your year? Would you call it a net positive? What are you looking forward to in 2022?


  1. Let us be:

    United in purpose
    Living in peace
    Serving the Lord
    Spreading the Gospel
    Resisting tyranny
    Praying for truth & justice to prevail
    Loving others because we love God
    Smelling roses
    Drinking copious amounts of coffee
    Loving on children

    Yes & Amen!!!

  2. As I don’t have you on my email list, I will just have to trust that you will find your way to my New Years Eve blog (https://capost2k.wordpress.com/2021/12/31/one-minute-past-midnight/). 😉
    You and John and the “crew” are in my daily prayers, including your amazing daughter.
    How did I miss Airframe by Crichton!? Thought I had read all his books!
    This past year: Net positive, as I am one year closer to my Heavenly Home with Jesus!
    2022 will be another year of getting closer to Him as we get closer to the place He has prepared for us, so there are no downsides to this journey. “God gives us heaven to go to Heaven in, and it’s been a good trip on the way!”
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

  3. It has been quite a year! 🙂 I’m still hoping to do a life update post at some point, lol. I just don’t think it’s going happen as soon as I would like. You and your family are always in my prayers and I’m so thankful you all are feeling better. We have had at least one run in with Covid (possibly two) but thankfully, everyone is fine and we weren’t hit “that” hard. (Still a dozy to get and recover from) So in case I don’t update soon, I will do the baby kissing (Number 8 was born in April of this year 🙂 ), drink lots of coffee, smell some roses, and work on living life the way God calls us to. It was definitely a year of growth for myself in a lot of ways. I understand myself and our children better, our marriage is stronger, and we are heading towards a bright future one way or the other (either in this life or Heaven) so there is always hope! I’m working on focusing on joy this year because I often let life get in the way of finding the joy God has given to us. God Bless!

    • Aww, congrats on the April baby! I’d love to see a pic of your family. So glad to hear that your marriage got stronger and that you are doing better! I totally understand being so busy that you don’t feel joyful. Even now with my kids older, somehow life seems even busier! Try to find that one minute to just reflect on God’s love for you. God bless you sweet friend.

  4. It sounds stressful, but that motorcycle ride sounds fun, too! I’m imagining all the bonding and memories the two of them will now have.

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