I wanna go back .

Lose myself in 80s top 40.

Let the music erase the stress.

Soothe my sad heart and soul.

It’s all too much sometimes.

I wanna think about happy days.

I wanna sing and dance !

I wanna laugh and smile!

Forget the world’s going insane.

Everything is fun!

Let’s go to the beach!

Let’s go to the club!

Hang out with friends!

No internet, no phones, no social media.

It could happen!

I wanna go back.


      • PK, I am posting the Trump Gun Control TidePodcast right now. I hope we did a good enough job.

        Again, thank you for being a loyal listener and a HUGE thank you for the request and the interest.

      • Have you noticed how the media gives very very limited info on these mass killers? Silence . Why aren’t we focusing more on what these people have in common , especially if they say red flag laws are needed? Yes, fatherless homes is a common thread. But what else?

      • In all honesty PK, I don’t think there is any related criteria. I simply think that we cannot identity insanity or psychos, since we view them as just another face in the crowd. That is perhaps why they don’t delve into these murderers, because once the public becomes aware of the impossibility of predicting outcomes, suddenly the anti-2A narrative goes to complete shit. Once people realize that these things will never be stopped, then more will arm and protect themselves.

      • That may be the only common thread, the unpredictability. You’re right , they don’t want us to realize that . You never know what people are thinking or when they’re going to snap or plot evil . Another point, as a Christian, we don’t have to fear death like others. We know what comes next . But the government wants to control us with fear of death in every manner. Courageous and healthy people are harder to manipulate. They must make the state the god .

  1. Yes the sweet memories of the past often get engraved within us. Hope everything is alright at your end. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them. 😊

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