When everything goes nuts, there’s always KITTENS!

I think we all know about the truly sad parts of the weekend. Mass shootings happened in two states.  I don’t really want to talk about it.  A less sad, but still bad thing happened on Saturday night. Our air conditioner quit cooling which caused immediate issues that took two days to fix. My husband knew what was wrong, but he could not buy the part on Sunday.  That situation was very hot, very stressful and very expensive. It was over 90 degrees inside my house. I took Grace to church with me and we stayed there for 3 hours in God’s nice cool house. It was so hot that we decided to spend almost $500 on 3 window units to get through the night. But honestly we have been needing to buy them, so it’s not all bad. Now at least we have a back up system. You just don’t go without air conditioning in Texas!

In the midst of it all, I happened to notice someone on Facebook had free kittens that needed homes. You could say it was impulsive, but I have been thinking of getting a kitten for a while and this seemed like a good day for it. It was really not a happy time around our house with all the sweating and cussing going on or in our country with all the shooting and killing. Sometimes you just have to look for relief from it all and kittens are fun! My children really love their pets and since we live in the country, we have room for more. So I whispered to my son, Hey, let’s go get a kitten! He was a bit confused, but he said okay and off we went without telling anyone else of our secret plans. When we arrived there were three kittens in a kennel. They were all cute but we really liked two of them so I decided that we should get TWO so they could grow up together. They had been found in the pasture by some cows and, later,  the owner of the property. She never found the mother cat.  We stopped at a store to pick up some food and kitty litter then went home to surprise the rest of the family.  I can’t say the other kids were as excited as I thought they might be , but everyone seems happy to have new kitties. They are very friendly and like to sleep in your lap. They also like to play with a string and with each other. Enjoy the photos! ( sorry about the blurriness, they are always moving!)







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