How to Make an “Ice Bandana”

If you live in the South like me, you must work at keeping cool when running in the summer. If you get overheated, you can end up in big trouble like I did at my last race. Keeping your skin cool is one of the best ways to cool down your core. Running in high humidity makes this even more difficult. The ice bandana to the rescue! I wear mine every day in the summer.  

I was going to write a post about it, but this blog explains how to make one so nicely and in precise detail that engineers will enjoy it and the rest of us can giggle. I would add the following tips. 1) Put your ice in a baggie if you don’t like cold water running down your neck. 2) It’s not necessary to use a chamois. I used a piece of one of those cooling towels. 3) The ice will eventually melt so bring more ice for longer runs and refill the baggie.

Here are some photos of my bandana. I bought the batik bandana at REI in Denver .

If you can’t see the blog. Here is the link. How to Make an Ice Bandana

And here is the Youtube Video. Youtube Ice bandana video from Trail Running Wales

it's all about the vertical

At the aid stations of hot summer races where I would refill my ice bandana, many competitors and aid station volunteers would ask about it- where I got it, how does it work, where can they get one, etc. Well, after looking for something that would work for ultra running races a couple of years ago I realized that there was nothing on the market so I designed my own with some input from others who have done the same. This post outlines how to make an ice bandana. Note: This is a prototype. It worked sufficiently well in the first iteration that I never modified it. But I am sure that it can be (and certainly has been) improved upon.

If you do a quick search, it is clear that there is not much available out there on either buying or constructing an ice bandana. I have seen no…

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  1. My daughter does something like this when she does her Ragnar runs – she runs in the heat and loves being cooled off. Great way to make your own!

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