Have you tried Ruta Maya Coffee?

How good is Ruta Maya Coffee? It’s so good that my ex-Austinite-now-living-in-beautiful-Utah-sister brings extra suitcases when she comes to visit Texas so she can buy bags of it at Costco and take them home! It’s so good that she panics when she’s getting low on her stock of the Austin-based coffee brew. The smell is heavenly and the taste is um, even better ! It’s so good that it turned my sister into a fearless mountain biker, hiker, skier and runner! Well,  she was already those things, but it does make her happy. It’s so good, that even though she works at a famous natural grocery store that sells lots of organic coffee brands, she still wants her Ruta Maya coffee. And because we love her, we try to make sure she has a good supply.

My amazing sister!
Austin images - Full Moon Setting over the 360 Bridge
Beautiful view of Austin, Texas. Found this shot online.

I bet you want some! But you don’t have to live in Austin or Texas or have friends pack it in their suitcases and bring it to you. You can buy it right on Amazon today, Prime Day! Sign up if you’re not already a member, or get the free trial option, and you won’t have to pay shipping. What a deal!

Not a coffee drinker, or just drink the cheap stuff like me? Amazon has plenty of other goodies on sale today, so head there now and get to shopping!
Here are a few of the products that I’ve found useful and worth the cost.

Emerita Pro Gest natural progesterone cream for hormone balance

GU Energy Gels

Garden of Life B12 Spray, I use it daily!

Amazon also offers a music service.

Check that out here. Amazon Music Unlimited 30 day Free Trial!

Click on the link below so you don’t miss out on the bargains!

Prime Deals!

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