Why don’t you just …..

Get a job.

Get a better job.

Stop eating so much.

Not let them get to you.

Give up those bad habits.

Stop spending money .

Live within your means.

Make your kids do it.

Stay positive .

Go to college.

Get organized.

Fix it.

Deal with it.

Ignore them.

Because all of these require multiple steps or changes in long established routines and habits and thought patterns and some require other people to change or cooperate and we can’t make them.

Especially if you’re dependent on someone else to support you.

When does one decide to work nights , quit trying to one-sidedly improve dying relationships, trust others with “your job” so you can go earn money, separate emotionally from a negative person , risk the fallout, deal with the backlash, accept that things are not getting better? That things are not going to change unless you change things? Stop going along to get along ?

Head in the sand. Denial . Refusal to act. Blame game . Paralyzed . Blind. Faithless. Anger. Victim mentality. Self focused . Procrastination. Unreasonable expectations. Pride.

First step is honest self-assessment. Next is fearlessly looking at possible action steps. Be open to unconsidered ideas. Choose a plan. Then do it! Get help from professionals, mentors, positive friends, support groups. Continue to pray and seek God throughout the process .

If you don’t change , don’t expect life to change.


  1. As you pray and continue to seek God, remember He can bring you peace amidst the storm. He’ll carry you in the palm of His hand if you allow it. I clung to Him as I went through my (unwanted, unplanned) divorce, and I have to say, I have never felt so close to Him as I did during those dark and difficult days. Praying for you.

  2. It’s the multiple tiny attitude changes and steps that trip up the best intentioned. Even God disciplines us slowly yet we think we have to do it all at once or we crash out on the couch like the dog.

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