Throwback Thursday : Before I was a runner, I was something else

I don’t know if there’s a neat category to describe myself,  but in the time right before I started running  I was an early 40s , full-time homeschooling mom of a large family, who put all her time, thoughts, and energy into taking care of her husband and children.

I did a whole lot of cooking, eating, and sitting, along with the rest of a busy mom’s day. In the past, in the city, I was a pretty active mom, took lots of stroller walks, bike rides, even had a bike trailer to put the kids in. I also worked out at a fitness center.  But when we moved to the country and I had two more babies pretty close together and a whole lot more stress, it got much harder to stay active.

By the time my youngest son was 5 years old, I had put on some weight, a lot of weight for a 5 foot 3 inch person. I was just teetering at 180 pounds. But it was crazy how it snuck up on me without me really noticing.

I’m going to write a series of blogs about my weight loss and life changes, but for now I want to post some before and after running photos.

Top two are before diet change. My thyroid was messed up. Bottom two are after going on a low-carb, then Paleo and gluten free diet and not going back.
I ran a ton of 5ks when I first discovered running in 2011. This one  turned out to be cross-country  which I was not expecting.  A very hot August race. I placed in my age group because of the low turnout. That ribbon was very motivating for me!
Just a few of the tons of race medals I’ve collected since 2011.


It’s no exaggeration to say that running has changed my life. I’m the same person, but much more confident, disciplined, and goal-focused. I highly recommend it!

Are you a runner? Has it made a big impact on your life? Or do you want to try it, but don’t know how? I am very passionate about helping new runners. Please feel free to post your questions here.



  1. I was trying to see if you and I have any of the same medals, but I don’t think so. I do, however, see the Houston marathon finisher’s medal in your stack, I believe. Impressive. I was one of those “I just want to break 5 hours” people.

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