The Summer Solstice, Anxiety and What to do about it

The sun and the moon are physical bodies that can have an impact on our mind and spirit. . Some of us are more aware of the seasonal changes and may feel a heightened sense of anxiety at the time of the solstice.

While astrology is a myth, gravity and seasons are not . Our physical bodies are sensitive to variations in atmospheric conditions including the pull of the moon, just like waves on a beach .

A healthy awareness of how the moon affects you is simply one more way to take care of your mental and emotional well-being.

If you experience anxiety around solstice , this is a good time to practice self-care techniques.

Taking a walk, playing music, talking to friends , creative arts, housework, and other activities can help .

Breathing techniques, yoga , tapping, and massage can also help relieve tension .

Our Creator is a God of order and patterns. The Bible is full of examples of this. For instance, from the beginning when God created the world, He gave it have a 24 hour day, a 7 day week and seasons based on the rotation of the earth and it’s journey around the sun.

He created gravity which influences everything. He created our human bodies which respond to other things he created such as barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, light, darkness, and wind.

All of these things are external to our bodies , yet you don’t hear much about them when you read about mental health.

SAD , seasonal affective disorder, is a psychiatric diagnosis given to people who get depressed during the winter when they don’t get enough sunlight and their vitamin D levels drop, and probably other changes  that are not measured.

This is one condition that has been recognized by the medical field, but is not given much attention unless the sufferer finally seeks helps.  This condition is occurring year round now that more people are afraid of skin cancer and also because children and adults alike are spending much more time indoors on the internet.

One thing everyone can do is take a quality Vitamin D3 supplement. I do suggest getting your levels checked first if you have that option. Many people benefit from fairly high doses.

Seasonal changes affect us in other ways as well.  Just when you are getting adjusted to a new hotter or colder temperature and longer or shorter days, it starts to change again!

And as we get closer to June 21, the first day of Summer, I’ve noticed a lot of irritability. But I don’t really think it’s the heat that is making them grouchy. I think it’s the upcoming Summer Solstice.

Summer Solstice is a name for the longest day of the year , meaning the most time elapsed from sunrise to sunset.  And the Winter Solstice is the shortest day.

I am not a pagan , but I am aware that pagans celebrate these days. I believe pagans have corrupted all God-given things by ascribing idolatrous rituals and nature/god worship to the creation instead of the Creator.

iphone 811.jpg

What does this have to do with Summer, and seasons in general?

Just as humans are affected by having too little light in the Winter, and by the phases of the moon, they are affected by the seasonal changes and long bright days of the Spring and Summer.

You’d think the effects of warm weather and sunny days would be mostly positive and I think they are, but I think this time of year can create anxiety in people due to the ways that modern life has taken us away from being connected to the orderly rhythms of nature.

Spring and Summer , and the good weather they bring, are when God intends for people to be productive and actively preparing for Fall and Winter, when we do have less light and more days staying warm indoors.

If a person is trapped indoors at a desk job or otherwise stuck in a non-productive, toxic or sinful lifestyle, this season, just like Winter,  will cause discontent and unease.

People may not know what is wrong , but they feel restless,  like they should be doing something. This feeling can build and build.

If you follow the worldly ways, you will seek relief in the usual numbing addictions, entertainment, food, alcohol, sex, internet, TV, etc. , instead of doing productive activity and spending time outside and in  the deep soul-searching, prayer, and evaluation that we all  need to do to keep growing into the person God made us to be.

What can you do? Take a break from all those activities. Sit quietly, or go for a walk, preferably in a quiet park. As you sit or walk, turn your thoughts to God.

Say a prayer of gratitude and praise for what God has done for your. Then pray for others in your life or situations that you know about. Then ask God to help you understand your feelings of anxiety and to show you if there are things in your life that you need to be doing or changing.

The answers may not come instantly and they will never contradict anything in the Bible. God will never tell you to sin! He will usually answer you by bringing some piece of information to your attention, such as a book, phone call, song, text, person, email, etc.

But don’t be too quick to act. Keep praying and asking for guidance and comparing what you are thinking to what the Bible says. The more times you spend this quality time with God, the more likely your anxiety will decrease and you will find your path.

And even if you don’t get a clear answer, spending regular time in prayer and going for a walk or sitting quietly can help your anxiety. 

If you will trust God and seek His wisdom and will for your life, you will find peace and freedom.

What is God’s will? To put Him first in your life and to grow into a godly person that He can use.

You will find that daily living by the power of the Holy Spirit will reap great awards. He will help you shed the shackles of sin and your pet idols and fear of man.

How do you do that? First you must know Jesus and receive the free gift of salvation by confessing that you are a sinner and need Jesus to make you right with God. You can read more here.

The more you get to know God, the more you will see what a good and loving Father he is! He has your best interests in mind. Then your faith and trust will grow and you will be able to hear the Holy Spirit as he guides you daily.

As you get to know Him, you will more quickly recognize what is causing you anxiety, whether it is from sin or something else.  If you’re new to all of this, I suggest first reading the book of John or any of the gospels of Matthew, Mark , or Luke. Or you may want to read Genesis first. You can read it online. Here is one source.

My prayer is that if you are feeling out of sorts or even if you’re not, that you will seek the Lord and find Him and begin to live for and by him. Feel free to post questions in the comment section if I can help.


  1. This was so amazing and so motivating! Thank you for sharing such a powerful post! I am looking forward to reading more of your fantastic posts! I hope you have a great week! I hope if you have the time you will check out my site. I always try to encourage and inspire others through the words I write!

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