It’s your hormones, really!

I’d like to post something a little different than my usual posts. As we all know women ( and men, but this post is about women) can be very moody. Happy one day, depressed or tired or angry or crying the next. And this is pretty much the description of most young people from age 10 (the age is getting younger due to our food supply)  to  early to mid 20s when they level out.  A roller coaster ride of energy levels, emotions, thoughts and motivation with some  Life is good!  upper level days and some Life is crap low level days.

Me on top o’ the world! I felt great, not even deep mud and my running partner deserting me could bring me down that day.

What not all women are informed about is the details of what is causing these specific feelings. Yes, it is your hormone levels but wouldn’t you like to know more? Rather than giving you all the details here , I am going to recommend a free app that is very good for keeping you up to date on what is happening in your body and bloodstream and how that causes these changes in your moods, thoughts, sexual desire, clothing choices, appetite, etc. But basically you feel strong and energetic when you have plenty of estrogen and testosterone and you feel sleepy and hungry with lots of progesterone.

This is not my app and I don’t get a commission or anything. Here is the link.

There are other similar apps and I first used one called Mood Horoscope. But I find that the other one is much more accurate and detailed.

If you can’t get the app or prefer reading, there is tons of info online.

Why would you want to know what is going on in your body? Because it can protect you from making impulsive, life-changing decisions when you are feeling extra happy or doing something self-destructive when you are extra sad. I have actually wondered if I still love my husband at times and sure enough, when I checked this app, it was that time when I should be feeling very irritable due to a sudden drop in all my hormones. The more you become familiar with your body, the more power you have. You can also decide if your mood swings indicate a hormone imbalance and you may need to make some changes in your life such as diet, exercise, supplements,  hormone treatments, sleep, etc. Also you can be aware that certain days are better than others for certain goals and activities. I am not saying you should be a slave to your hormones or moods. Try to make it work for you in your planning. No one wants to run a terrible marathon just because they are zapped of energy due to their hormones . Plan accordingly or take steps if necessary to improve your chances of success. Plan job interviews, speeches, and parties for the second week of your cycle. Do not plan a busy schedule for the days that you feel extra fatigued. Using a calendar or another app to note your personal schedule can be helpful.

Me, having a rough race,  stressed, dehydrated, exhausted, not realizing that part of the reason was I was about to start my period .

It’s also interesting to note that not all women have these extreme cycles. And some women do have them but refuse to acknowledge that fact for some reason.  I do have a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome( somewhat controlled by my low carb diet) , which is quite common unfortunately, and it causes me to be very sensitive metabolically to these changes. For instance right now I am on a very good cycle day and have been for the past few days. Sadly I know it will be ending soon because I am mid-cycle. I will try hard not to let the impending drop in hormones ruin my next weekend. But I already know that I will not have the same energy or motivation that I had last weekend. I will  feel more like eating and sleeping! Interestingly though, is that some ( not all)  women get a short burst of good feelings, energy and sex drive right before their periods start when progesterone drops but they still have some estrogen.

And one last thought, our hormones are also affected by sleep and nutrition, so take care of yourself!

PS , if you’re a man, I hope this helps you have some compassion for your wife or girlfriend and what she goes through every month as her body prepares itself for pregnancy month after month from about the age of 12 until she is about 50 or so.  It’s all part of God’s plan to preserve the human race.


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