The People Behind the Agenda to Mutilate Children

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If you care about children at all, I urge you to read this. This is very important information about a highly motivated group of activists (mostly transsexual men) who have decided that human sexuality is not genetic. Some of them are also transhumanists who want to live forever. One of them wants to upload his wife’s brain contents into a robot that looks like her when she dies. These people are not normal. The really disturbing thing is that many of these people have children.

It’s obvious that the mainstream media is shadow banning this side of the trans story. Strangely, despite spending the last few years online reading all kinds of news articles, and I had not heard anything about the people behind this concerted effort to make the public think that gender dysphoria is very common and that encouraging a child to change their sex is the moral thing to do.

I also discovered that there are many feminists and lesbians that rightly see that this movement is anti-woman. You don’t hear much about ANY kind of resistance, much less from the gay community, do you?

The trans zombies are actively protesting women’s rights.

Most of the information from the video above is also in this article.

This is her Substack.



    • It’s terrible and they seem to be getting more powerful. I didn’t realize there were so many victims of this madness, both children and spouses of people who change their sex.

  1. Hello

    Many thanks for your article. It is quite vile all this. The truth is Satan is transgender him/her or itself. This is why the world has gone so mad as Satan tries to turn many to be like him/her/it.

    Whilst we are exceedingly grieved, I find that the whole must be ridiculed to wake people from their drugged dreams.

    Of course drugs are part of the problem, not just the legal ones from big pharma including the vaccines, but the illegal and the toxic chemicals that find their way in the whole environment.

    Kind regards.

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