Those Pesky Constants: How Scientists Refuse To Admit That The World was Created

I have been learning all kinds of new things lately thanks to ChatGPT. I ask it a question, and the answer just makes me more curious! As I mentioned, I was asking questions about how a computer works and ended up discovering the fascinating story of Claude Shannon. Then I fell down a quantum rabbit hole and discovered all kind of interesting things. Just based on a tiny bit of information, I could see that quantum theory could prove the existence of God and the existence of life after death.

Today I was watching some YouTube videos about physics and learned that scientists have known for a long time that their own theories point to a CREATOR of the universe. These are laws of nature that contradict human intuition. In other words, doing science is forcing scientists to grapple with uncomfortable conclusions. The problem is they refuse to believe their own eyes! Most of them just deny there is a problem at all. Some try to stretch the truth. Others continue to search for more comfortable answers.

What really bothers me is that this information is basically unknown to the general public. There can be only one reason for that. The powers that be do not want the public to know that science provides evidence for the existence of a creator because that would give huge credibility to the Bible!

I am talking about the cosmological constant and the fine structure constant. In physics, scientists explain things using complex equations. These constants are an essential part of these equations that THEY CANNOT EXPLAIN. Without these very specific numbers, life on earth and could not exist according to all the other equations that they say are true. This fact is a thorn in their side.

Another explanation for the way things are is that the universe is very ‘finely tuned.’ Of course this implies that there was/is a ‘grand tuner’. Hello, God. But these scientists are so determined to keep believing that God does not exist that they will entertain theories that they admit are extremely unlikely or impossible rather than confess that there must be a creator. For example, the multiverse theory which really does not explain anything. Or aliens….

In the meantime, generations of children and adults go on thinking that science ‘has proven’ the universe exists because of ‘evolution’ rather than creation because that is what they are taught in school. These findings are only taught in college or advanced high school classes. But they could easily be explained to classes of younger and less advanced students, just like they are on YouTube. This is pure deception.

“Professor Webb says if these findings continue to be confirmed, they may help explain why our universe is the way it is, and why there is life in it at all.

“For a long time, it has been thought that the laws of nature appear perfectly tuned to set the conditions for life to flourish. The strength of the electromagnetic force is one of those quantities. If it were only a few percent different to the value we measure on Earth, the chemical evolution of the universe would be completely different and life may never have got going. It raises a tantalising question: does this “Goldilocks’ situation, where fundamental physical quantities like the fine structure constant are ‘just right’ to favour our existence, apply throughout the entire universe?””

Here is some more detail about the constants from ChatGPT.

The fine structure constant and the cosmological constant both present significant challenges to scientists, but in different ways.

The fine structure constant was first introduced by the Dutch physicist Arnold Sommerfeld in 1916 as a way to explain the splitting of spectral lines in the hydrogen atom that could not be accounted for by the original Bohr model of the atom.

The fine structure constant is a fundamental constant of nature that governs the behavior of charged particles and the electromagnetic force. It is one of the most precisely measured constants in physics, with a relative uncertainty of about one part in 10^8. However, its precise value remains a mystery, and its value appears to be a fundamental constant of nature that is not related to any other physical quantity. This has led to a number of proposals and theories to explain the fine structure constant, including the idea of varying constants, which suggests that the values of fundamental constants such as α may have varied over the history of the universe.

The cosmological constant is a term that was originally introduced by Albert Einstein into his theory of general relativity to account for a possible static universe. However, after the discovery of the expanding universe in the 1920s, Einstein abandoned the concept of the cosmological constant as unnecessary, and it fell out of favor in physics for many years.

The cosmological constant, on the other hand, presents a different kind of challenge. It is a term in the equations of general relativity that describes the energy density of the vacuum of space. The observed acceleration of the expansion of the universe implies the existence of a cosmological constant or some other form of dark energy. However, the measured value of the cosmological constant is more than 120 orders of magnitude smaller than the value predicted by theoretical calculations, leading to what is known as the cosmological constant problem. This problem has led to a number of proposals and theories to explain the discrepancy between theory and observation, including the idea of a dynamical cosmological constant that changes over time.

I was surprised to find this almost honest video. And it’s pretty recent.



  1. We have seen many much simpler presentations of this idea that the fine tuning of the earth is critical for our existence; the tilt of the planet, the distance from the sun, the gravitational pull of the other planets, the atmospheric pressure on our blue marble, properties of water and ice, distribution of minerals, composition of our atmosphere, etc! And this list could go on literally to 137 times 1/137! 😎 This blog takes us to another level of evidence across the universe!
    However, the “evidence” of God’s signature is only clear to an open mind. One cannot “prove” the sky is blue to someone who is convinced in his own mind that it is red. But if anyone comes to the Truth, he/she will find that it is self-evident: “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.” Psalm 19:1 And in Romans 1:19-20, “For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.”
    All glory to our Creator!!
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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