Claude Shannon: The Tech Genius You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Claude Shannon is often referred to as the Father of the Information Age or Information Theory, by those who refer to him. But unless you are into math or technology, you have probably never heard his name before. I discovered him this weekend while trying to understand how computer programs work and being curious about who came up with the idea of digital technology.

ChatGPT mentioned his name so I looked on YouTube and found a wonderful video about his amazing life and accomplishments. The video made me want to know more about him, so then I listened to a couple of podcasts. Then I found another video. In short, he was a mathematician, electrical engineer, cryptographer, inventor, and thinker. But the story is much more interesting when you know the details.

I will put all of the links below. Do yourself a favor and spend a little time learning about a man who is at least equal to Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein. Not only was he brilliant, but he was a very interesting person who was considered uninterested in fame, shy and humble, and playfully curious about everything. If you prefer to read about him, here is an article.

Claude Shannon – Father of the Information Age, interviews with his fellow scientists A reenactment of Claude Shannon’s life A Mind at Play . This is the book discussed in the podcast.

Here is an amazing collection of scientist and entrepreneur biographies and memoirs. These are not my affiliate links. They belong to the podcast owner.


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