October: Where Has The Time Gone?

How is it already a month since my vacation in Utah?!

I’ve been struggling to transition back into my routine because life has not been routine. Nothing too terrible, just a lot of extra stuff and busy weekends. However, I guess the past couple of days I have felt somewhat more organized.

I asked myself what I had been doing for the past month that has gone by so quickly and chaotically and I couldn’t even remember!

So I checked my photos on my phone . This is what I found.

I did have to delete some photos because my phone storage was FULL. I actually went out and bought this hard drive to back up my stuff because even my laptop was getting full of photos . I don’t trust cloud storage. It was super easy to use. I just plugged it in and it copied my entire computer in a few minutes!

I highly recommend storing your photos on something that you control even if you do use cloud storage. Redundancies mean peace of mind. And if you are making videos you’ll be using a lot of space.

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Before I even left Utah I got the news that my son’s car that I spent months of my time and mental energy getting for him needed to be replaced. As 17 year olds sometimes do, he blew up the engine. He felt very bad about it. As soon as I got home I jumped into action because I was not going back to being his taxi driver!

Thankfully, despite the tight used car market, God blessed us with a good deal on a better car than he had before, this 1999 Camry, which I drove home with no license plates or registration sticker.

We went to check out a house for my son. He was working out of town and he’s been trying to buy a house all year, but they were selling so fast that he kept missing out. He is in the process of buying this house now.

My youngest son let me trim his hair. Isn’t it a beautiful color?

I celebrated my birthday at the art festival and made a video about it. Learning how to use Filmora and creating videos has taken up quite a bit of my time over the past month. I also spent hours working on my vacation video. Check out Filmora video editing software here. See my videos here.

My son finally came home from working out of town. It’s been so nice having him here. We sure will miss him when moves into his new house!

I’ve been trying to get my miles in by walking and a little bit of running. The weather has been nice off and on, but we also had some 90 degree days.

We spent half a day walking around at a swap meet last weekend. The weather was great . My husband found this old 50 caliber Thompson gun.

We listed this ’59 Ford Ranch wagon project for sale on Marketplace in hopes of earning some money so my husband can continue working on his other projects.

I got inspired to have some stickers printed for my local town. And I’ve been researching Sealy which led me to reading newspaper archives online. Super interesting!

There were other happenings that didn’t get captured by photos. For example , we went to church, and our church voted to leave the United Methodist Church. Also, just this week, my 81 year old mother finally retired from her job. The changes just keep coming! I won’t even go into what’s happening politically. Get out and vote!

Somehow I also found the time to cook (the above photo is a tasty new concoction of pork and rice noodles and peas) and clean and shop and take care of Grace, and feed my cats, walk the dogs, and gather eggs from the chickens, and do my Bible study and record a couple of podcasts.

I also bought a couple of books, listened to many podcasts, watched YouTube, watched Breaking Bad (truth be told, that activity has consumed many hours! blog to come), and talked to friends on the phone. No lack of mental stimulation!

I guess I have been pretty busy even though mentally I felt a bit detached from it all. I think my mind was still in Utah. Let’s just say, I got it done, even if I would rather be hiking.

I can go back there in my mind anytime I feel like it.


  1. “I can go back there in my mind anytime I feel like it.”
    Actually, you can’t. ““No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” (Heracletus) Just sayin’. 😉
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    • Okay! How are you doing? Are the leaves changing colors there? I noticed it’s finally happening around me, in the few non-evergreen trees that grow here.

      • Leaves are very much changed here in Kentucky, probably even more so in the mountains or around the Land Between the Lakes. Almost past peak foliage as you could see how many leaves are on the ground in my second attempt at a video on Wednesday.

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