A Solution to the Diesel Supply Problem

For the past few years many people have warned that the liberal/globalist/elite/fill-in-the-blank your favorite bad guy label plan was to crash the U.S. economy so they could build a new global economy based on digital currency and total technological surveillance of citizens. Some called them conspiracy nuts.

This “conspiracy” seems increasingly more realistic. The most recent article in Reuters about the shrinking supply of critical diesel fuel and the “solution” of a recession is just one more insane nail in the coffin for our economy.

They say that what we need is to stop making and buying stuff. Since when is cutting supply a good decision when demand is high? Oh, when you want people to support the climate change agenda.

In other news, digital ID and digital currency are being tested in a few countries. Japan is threatening to take away health insurance from those who refuse the digital ID cards.

What’s next ? We find out that 5G actually does activate the Covid virus? Nothing would surprise me these days.

It’s really bizarre living through the 70s twice in one lifetime. Of course I was just a kid during the first round of gas wars and rationing and bell bottoms and Russian threats and crooks in the White House. I was only 7years old when Nixon ended the gold standard and 9 when he made a deal with OPEC.

Price fixing didn’t work then either.

I’ve got a solution. Vote out the idiots who are destroying our prosperity on purpose. Return the subsidies to the oil industry , start refining , and let’s get this country going again!

Do I think that will happen ? No, of course not. Because saving our economy is not part of the plan .


  1. Actually, no matter who gets elected in the short run up to Tuesday’s midterms, or in the 2024 races, the die is cast. Father is tying up loose ends to bring back the King, and two of these are for the US to leave the world stage as the global leader and for currency to go digital to prepare for the Mark. As a friend says, you are wise and know how to apply.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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