What’s Up With this Weird Pronunciation?

I’m listening to a podcast and this one guy keeps saying a word incorrectly. The problem is I have heard many people use this odd pronunciation and it must be stopped.

The word is “Britain”. He is dividing the syllables “Brit-ain” . And he barely breathes out the last syllable. It’s so annoying!

We all learned in school that you divide a syllable with a short vowel after the vowel , right? We don’t say “ div-ide “ , we say “di-vide”.

So what is the deal with some people not correctly pronouncing words that end in the letters or sound of “tun” ?

Have you heard this? Does improper pronunciation irk you ?


  1. On the reservation there are all kinds of non-standard pronunciations. One persistent type is a word that is basically plural being used as a singular. Here is an example. Instead of saying I received or sent a text you would say you received a textez. I guess that example is really classic, as the standard plural would be texts.

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