Abbott versus Beto: The 2022 Texas Governor’s Race

Originally posted April 2022. Updated.

There is only one thing keeping Texas from becoming a Democrat state with even higher taxes, more rising crime, increasing unemployment, and massive inequality, like all other Democrat states: your vote!

 Credit: Jonathan Bachman and Elizabeth Frantz/REUTERS

The gubernatorial election will be held November 8, 2022.

Current situation

Right now Texas is rated the 12th lowest stated in the Cost Of Living Index. This is thanks to Texas’ historic policy of letting companies and workers keep their money and spend it as they choose rather than confiscating it by taxation and redistributing it through social programs. This means Texas has relatively low taxes, although property taxes can be high depending on your school district. But this could all change if a Democrat governor gets into office, or if Democrats take control of the state legislature. This is why we must continue to vote for Conservatives. Republicans have controlled the State Senate and House and Governor’s office since 2003, which is called a trifecta.

Greg Abbott

Greg Abbott is running for his third term. Abbott is not as popular with Conservatives these days due to how he handled the Covid lockdowns, even though his rules were much less restrictive than many Democrat states. In my opinion, he started off not knowing exactly what to do about the announcement of a pandemic and simply went along with the federal suggestions. When he got strong pushback from his constituents, he began to loosen the restrictions, but not as fast as many of us would have liked. Despite that, I’m glad he was my governor and not Newsom, Grisham, Cuomo, or Whitmer.

Side note: While many anti-gun activists and enemies of Governor Abbott quickly tried to blame him directly for the horrific mass shooting in Uvalde, an investigation shows that the problem was a lack of proper action taken when the shooter displayed many warning signs. The sad truth is that laws meant to protect individual freedom also thwart the goal of stopping mass shootings. In this case and many similar cases where the shooter had given warning signs, there was no real help available because the teenager had only made threats, but had not yet committed any crimes.

Several polls of around 1000 registered voters each have indicated that as many as 40 percent of those polled said they will vote for O’Rourke for Texas Governor in the fall mid-term elections. Thankfully, these are small and probably not very accurate polls. The same polls indicate that 42% would choose incumbent Governor Greg Abbott. 7% didn’t know who they would vote for and 4% didn’t answer the question.

As usual the governor’s race has only one option that might keep Texas from going downhill. Besides Abbott and O’Rourke, there are a few others on the ballot, but none of them have the necessary background to run a large and complex state government. With the influx of over four million new residents to Texas since 2010, our state is undergoing many growing pains and needs strong leadership. Abbott may not be the best, but he’s better than Beto any day.

Who is Beto O’Rourke?

Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, who recently received a large donation from George Soros, is a fourth generation Roman Catholic, Irish American. He was raised in El Paso, Texas where he eventually followed in his father’s footsteps and ran for office in his early 30s after having various jobs in his 20s. He describes himself as having been shy and not interested in politics until after he spent time running a magazine. His father was killed when he was hit by a car riding his bike in El Paso in 2001. Beto ran for office for the first time in May 2005 and married the daughter of a wealthy El Paso real estate investor in September 2005. He and his wife Amy have three children.

What many people don’t know is that without his leftist campaign adviser, Becky Bond, Beto O’Rourke would likely still be an unknown. Bond, who believed that Saul Alinsky wasn’t radical enough, learned how to campaign working for Bernie Sanders. She used her skills at organizing to get Beto’s message out to the disenfranchised voters.

Another interesting aspect of Beto is that he seems to have very little real life business or management experience other than a few odd jobs before he entered the public policy/political arena. It seems that after a few terms in the House of Representatives in which he doesn’t seem to have accomplished very much, he has been able to make a living as a perpetual candidate with his charming promises. That, and his inheritance.

Like many leftist candidates, Beto is simply the charismatic, smiling face for a much angrier group working to change Texas and the United States into their version of socialism, much like the smiling face of Barack Obama. What you see and hear on stage is a carefully crafted performance meant to create an emotional response and a trust in Beto as a ‘man of the people’, just like the Hope and Change campaign did for millions of downtrodden Americans in 2008.

He’s been called the White Obama by friends and foes.

Other Candidates

Originally there were many other people on this list. But here is the updated list.

General election candidates

Whether you like how current Governor Abbott handled the Covid situation or not, he is our only real choice in this election. Beto has shown that he is anti-gun rights, pro-tax, has some poor policy decisions in his past, and has no real ideas of his own. His survey answers on Ballotpedia indicate that he follows the Democrat platform. He wants to repeal ‘permitless carry’, expand Medicaid into Texas, ‘fully fund’ the schools, add jobs by ” pursuing the Texas labor movement’s Texas Climate Jobs Project”, and repeal the recent changes to abortion laws. In other words, he makes big promises like all Democrats, but never says how he will manage to fund these programs or asks what the public wants.

I would be fine with the idea releasing all those convicted of marijuana possession from jail, and cracking down on corruption between government and corporations. But since we know that Beto was a big fan of Biden’s, despite trying hard to publicly distance himself in 2022, I don’t think he plans to end the corporate fascism that is the backbone of the White House’s Build Back Better and Infrastructure plans.

Beto’s Foreign Policy

President Joe Biden is currently in the process of attempting to revert the United States of America into the position of a European colony. Based on O’Rourke’s interview (below) with the Council on Foreign Relations when he was running for President, I have no doubt that he is in lockstep with this plan. He would be a puppet in the hands of leaders of global governance just like Biden is and Obama was.

He sounds like a high school kid running for student government in these quotes.

“As President, I will restore assistance to these vital institutions and reestablish American leadership in the global fight against climate change.”

“The pinnacle of American leadership in foreign affairs was our role in shaping the global order following World War II. Having defeated the greatest threat to peace the world has ever known, our leadership in developing institutions to secure peace like the United Nations and the Bretton Woods system, our commitment to rebuilding Europe through the Marshall Plan, and the creation of NATO helped to ensure that the second half of the 20th century was among the most peaceful and economically beneficial periods in world history. “

“As President, I will seek to engage China around mutual interests, like climate change, where our countries should be cooperating to build the global green economy.”

“Second, to foster a democratic transition away from the Maduro regime to Juan Guaido, the legitimate president under the Venezuelan constitution, I will support efforts by opposition and regime officials to negotiate a political settlement, while using targeted measures like asset seizure and supporting criminal indictments to increase pressure on regime officials. To reverse Venezuela’s economic collapse, I will lead an international effort to provide financial assistance to stabilize the post-Maduro Venezuelan economy and enable the Venezuelan people to rebuild their lives.”

“As President, I will mobilize $5 trillion to combat climate change by investing in innovation, our infrastructure, and our communities. I will also take bold steps to cut pollution and reach the goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. “

Keep Texas Strong

Texas’ strength lies in its economic structure that is built on multiple industries, including energy, banking, technology, and busy ports. We can’t trust Beto with the 9th largest economy in the world. Biden’s policies are already hurting the country, let’s not elect his younger version to ruin Texas.

America’s way of life is being threatened by a socialist, globalist national government, but Texans still believe in freedom and personal sovereignty. The right to work and keep the fruits of our labor must be protected. Texas can continue to prosper and provide opportunities for all residents if we can fend off more burdensome federal programs and rely on private business and the free market instead. Every type of freedom must be maintained, including medical freedom, internet freedom, and freedom of speech and religious freedom, even if it goes against popular culture. The rights of the “collective” must not overrule the rights of individuals.

Governor Abbott and Elon Musk giving the Hook ‘Em horns sign. Texans will benefit greatly from his relocation to Texas.

Closing Thoughts

My preference for Governor would have been for a different Republican candidate, such as Allen West, but that didn’t happen. Throwing away my vote on an Independent candidate, or abstaining is not an option. Sure, if enough Conservatives could agree on a write-in candidate, I would vote for him or her, but that isn’t going to happen. We have to be realistic. Even though Abbott is not perfect, I do believe that Beto would be much, much worse for Texas.

So if you don’t want Texas to join the decline of the rest of the world, make sure to tell your friends that Abbott is your choice in November’s election, and be sure to get out and vote. I’ll be sure to remind you when election day gets closer.


    • Thanks for that article. Obama’s past (and present)was also very sketchy, like so many popular and famous people. I almost feel kinda sorry for Beto , but only to the point that he needs to take responsibility for his life and stop being a fake and a tool of the left. If he could do that and join the right team, he might be useful to the world .

  1. Thanks for sharing your views on the candidates. I’m moving to TX from CA so it’s helpful to know what’s going on. I’m feel depressed to think that I’m escaping CA only to be in another Democrat state if Beto wins. I was fired for not getting jabbed and I’m trying to protect my child from it at school. If Abbot loses I’d have relocated for nothing. I think elections are easily rigged also. When will the nightmare end?

      • Doubt that Abbot will win? :(. I was really hoping that Texas was a sanctuary for freedom-loving people. I wanted to go to Florida but that wasn’t possible. I’ll be in TX June 1st.

  2. Oh, sorry, I meant that I doubt Beto will win. But be aware if you plan to move to Austin, Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio, there are plenty of Democrats in those cities. A small town is a better bet for freedom-loving people.

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