Strange Ads: Smart Bed

Do you ever wonder about the weird ads on some apps like WeatherBug? For example I always see this ad for a smart all-in-one bed. I always think “who would buy that?” . So today I clicked on it, just to check the price, and it took me to another page and then a mattress website. But no smart bed. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Then I Googled it , actually I Safaried it, and found it on Wayfair. Still can’t imagine who would want this. Is it meant for kids (or adults) who want to pretend they live on an island?

Maybe you’d prefer this one ? By the way, the mattress is not included. You’ll never need to leave your bedroom again, once you get it assembled, of course.

What strange ads have you looked at just out of curiosity?


  1. To answer your question, Paula, I thought immediately of people who CAN’T leave their beds. Or who have very limited space. For the former, it’s a shame the seats face out, so visitors have their backs turned away from the person confined to the bed.
    … I’m told I overthink things … :/

  2. I hate clickbait like this ad. You click on it, and it takes you to something that isn’t it.
    While I don’t think that I would run out to get the bed right this minute, I think I would consider it. Like Ann, I thought of rooms that are on the smaller side, and this product allows for everything to be in one spot without making the room look too cluttered. However, I would be worried that the product would make those who move little move even less, which cannot be good. Over $3k and no mattress? Yikes.

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