Gear For Your College Student (or You!)

Can you believe summer is over already?! Soon the students will be meeting their new dorm roommates and college professors . Get them ready with these back to school essentials from Amazon.

I remember when I was in college in the ’80s. I lived in a dorm my freshman year. My roommate and I shared a very small room that had built-in twin beds and desks. The communal bathroom was across the hall. I did my research at the library using microfiche and books and typed my research papers on an electric typewriter that weighed about 20 pounds. I wrote my exams in a ‘blue book’ and took notes in a notebook. Those were the olden days!

Today’s students are more likely to be using a laptop and printer for everything. But they still need tons of stuff. I wish I was outfitting one of my kids for college, because that was one of my favorite parts of going to college, back to school shopping with my mom. She always spoiled me rotten! Here are some great finds.

Tech gear

This real Apple phone charger will keep your iPhone charged and ready. And don’t forget a battery pack. And my son says this bluetooth speaker has great sound.

This is a great price on this HP laptop. I love mine! Or if you prefer, how about a new Macbook?

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Everyone needs more power strips and this one has three USB ports! And this handy lamp looks amazing!

Don’t forget a Canon wireless printer for papers and a TP-Link router if your student will be using WIFI in an apartment.

Comforts of home

I’m so happy to see that they still sell these! I cooked a lot of macaroni and cheese in my hot pot. And paper plates are a must when you don’t have a kitchen sink.

And every student needs snacks to keep them going when they are too busy studying to eat. Send them a special chocolate treat, a big box of snacks, Muscle Milk for protein, and some stackable crates for storing the snacks!

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These items help them get the sleep they will need to do well in class.

And while you’re on Amazon, sign them up for an Amazon Prime Student account. The benefits include Prime delivery, videos, music and much more! Also check out Kindle Unlimited. And don’t forget to tell them you love them!

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

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