My Husband’s ‘56 Chevy

It’s his dream car that he’s always wanted! It runs and drives and is registered and insured, but it’s still a project. He got it a few weeks ago, but life keeps interfering in his plans to work on it . Between working and other more pressing projects and the house fire, he hasn’t had a lot of time . Here’s the latest video showing his work. I’m having fun making the videos while he has fun working on the car. It’s a good setup. The sound isn’t great in this video because I was just using my iPhone to record, but since then I have purchased some wireless microphones that work great. See link below. If you want to follow the progress, Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Happy guy! (My son’s truck in the background that he converted to a dually.)


  1. What a fun project for a car aficionado! However, I find it interesting that you only show the ENGINE for about 10 seconds! Reminds me of the daughter of a friend with whom we went to an auto-auction place. We looked over the cars that would be auctioned later in the evening, and as she sat behind the steering wheel, she asked, “How does this one look on me?” 😂 Fortunately, her dad who is a superb mechanic, was along and noted in an aside to me, “She thinks it’s a dress, but I view it as my freedom from chauffeuring.”
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.

    • Lol, yeah the engine came out of a Suburban or something. He wants to change that. My dream car is a Toyota Camry, newest model, dark color, with all the newest features.

  2. Good video! I would have liked to see a little more detail on the gluing and the attachment to the doors, maybe just on one, but overall a good job. I’m looking forward to more.

    • Unfortunately the photographer thought she was filming but the camera had not actually started, so there was a whole section that didn’t get filmed. Oops! Thanks!

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