New Study Shows Unexpected Effects of Covid Vaccines

In an interview with Unherd, Christine Stabell-Benn , a professor from Denmark with 30 years experience reported that mRNA vaccines did not reduce deaths from Covid. She also said she would not recommend Covid vaccines for children or anyone under age 50 due to her findings regarding the known risks. She also said that certain types of vaccines work better than others.

Stabell-Benn studied mortality rates related to vaccines and placebos. Her previous research was in the area of nonspecific effects of other vaccines such as measles . Nonspecific effects are unplanned, unexpected effects, either good or bad. For example, it was discovered that the measles vaccines reduced the death rate for causes other than measles.

She recently studied the nonspecific effects of Covid vaccines. In her opinion more research is needed on the safety of mRNA vaccines and live vaccines are the way to go.

The study results found a significant difference in mortality risk between adenovirus vector vaccines and mRNA vaccines, with the vector ones being safer.

In his review, Kulldorff pointed to the clear implication of the results of the Danish paper. When both mRNA and adenovector vaccines are available, it’s better to take the vaccine with good randomized evidence of reductions in all-cause mortality rather than taking a vaccine where we cannot tell from the best evidence whether it reduces mortality. 

At the very least, the plain implication (since both sets of vaccines are available) is that public health authorities should have recommended the cheaper adenovector vaccines over the mRNA vaccines all along for most patients.

Interestingly, in countries that used the AstraZeneca vaccines a lower death rate has been reported, even though use of that vaccine was halted in some countries after a rare side effect was reported.

Not surprisingly, this study has not been widely disseminated and it has been criticized as anti-vaccine by some even though Stabell-Benn supports using a vaccine program to reduce death by all causes.


  1. I would have really liked to have seen some interest from public health officials in boosting our immune systems, in the importance of fresh air, exercise, and getting some vitamins. We have so many metabolic diseases in this country and they really do lower our ability to fight off infections.

    • My mom always said a child needs to eat a pound of dirt a day to be healthy and I have always found it to be true. We spent our days outside climbing trees, digging in dirt, catching frogs, and tadpoles. We went home for lunch with dirty faces and hands she wiped them, but they were never really clean so there was always mixed into our sandwiches and we didn’t care once lunch was over we went back outside to continue our adventures until the street lights came on. We were bathed once a day after dinner and always looked like half the neighborhood was washed down the drain. We were healthy robust children that seldom got sick. We did get mumps, chickenpox, and measles, but none of them kept us down very long.
      Kids today do not have strong immune systems because they are kept inside all the time so they don’t get those small doses of bacteria that builds they immune system. A friends son when he was little was sick all the time and it was because he wasn’t allowed to go outside and play in the dirt. He was kept impeccably clean so any time he was exposed to something he got really sick even from colds. I told her let that boy get dirty it is good for him. She asked his doctor and he said the same. Parents today pamper their children nearly to death.

      • I agree. And they don’t get the vitamin D from sunshine that is very important for immunity. Same for adults . Too much sitting inside. It’s a side effect of progress . And don’t get me started on the lack of nutrients in our food.

      • I was on a large dose of vitamin D3 for awhile because of illness and so got almost no sun for about a year and it was taking a toll. I had brain fog and no energy. As for the food you are right and it seems food allergies are higher now than when I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s. I believe it has to do with all the chemicals they use not only on our food, but in it as well.. Then there is all the genetic manipulation they do on crops and animals as well.

      • Well said. And I would use “100% certain” to do with chemicals and GMO’s degrading the nutrition.

        Essentially, the chemicals in pesticides and artificial fertilizers are neuro-toxic from the nitrogen atoms. These slow everything down, including the immune system.

        We need a serious push to remove all these Nazi chemicals from the earth and our bodies.

      • I agree but for me it is to late the damage has been done. I have recently developed tremors in my hands and can’t wait to find out why that has happened. I grew up in Illinois right next to the Mississippi River and the pesticide and herbicide run off into that river is tremendous. We grew up eating fish from that river and food grown there so I know I have been effected by all of that poison.

      • Yes indeed. I think that we will find that the chemicals in cleaning products are very harmful neuro-toxins. Vinegar, lemon juice and water good instead and non-toxic.

      • We recently bought about a steam cleaner for our floors not only for our well being, but we have three cats and I did not want them walking on floors wet with chemical cleaners on them then licking their paws.

  2. It is actually a misnomer to call the mRNA treatments to prevent covid “vaccines.” They are gene therapy. The liver uses reverse transcriptase, a well known enzyme, to make DNA from the mRNA in the “vaccines.” So sad the science has become soooo politicized, one cannot even discuss real effects and treatment options without making someone angry.

      • Pkadams, if it was concern for the health of other people, I can understand why some people may inquire as to vaccine status of family members or friends. The problem is in how some people seem to believe that their vaccines won’t be effective unless other people got the vaccines.

    • Sadly, I think they may be thinking that perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea after all but don’t want to admit it. A common failing in humans. Pride comes before a fall.

      • Here are 3 questions I would like to get your thoughts on: 1: Assuming the initial dose of one of these vaccines was tolerated quite well but the boosters not so much, what could explain that in your opinion? 2: Have you ever heard of a successful mix and match of an initial vaccine but a booster from another vaccine? 3: Are people who have bad experiences being unnecessarily ignored by the FDA and the media?

      • Thank you for your very reasonable question. As I see it:

        We really don’t know what is in each vial without testing it before hand. I am given to understand there are differing types even within a brand. If your immune system is good to start with then you will resist the toxic effects quite well (hopefully).

        On receipt of a booster the same thing applies; we really don’t know what is in each vial etc. etc.

        The time of year affects the toleration of toxins as in the winter in the northern hemisphere above a certain latitude the sun doesn’t shine that much so the production of vit D via the sun is limited, perhaps nil.

        No, but it wouldn’t really matter as toxins are toxins and essentially neuro-toxic with perhaps varying effects depending on any specific deficiency in an individual’s health, e.g. lack of zinc.
        Probably. I have not done a deep analysis of what’s going on but from cursory research it seems others have and will say that the FDA is severely compromised by in house employees and outside lobbying by big pharma etc. I believe this to be true given big pharma’s past form and the saying ‘A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots’.

        I hope that helps.

      • I know that the vaccines have helped a lot of people. What is deterring me from considering getting them is a combination of things. Here they are: 1: Unfair stereotypes by the media who make victims of vaccine injury look bad. 2: Selective cherry-picking of stories that make the manufacturers look good and the recipient(s) of one of the vaccines look bad who report adverse effects. 3: Even with the side-effects, which are known as with all vaccines and medications, the more injurious parts being underreported by the media and VAERS, is absurd.

      • I could paste a more extensive text on the reasonings re my position, but perhaps I could say this, some of it standard text adapted to suit.

        It is well-known that vaccines have at least caused some harm to varying degrees and sometimes deaths. I have yet to try and set out my summary of the info on this but it is extensive.

        It is well documented that big pharma companies have been successfully sued, or settled out of court re harm caused.

        As regards any reports from vaccines companies saying their products will be effective, well they would say, that wouldn’t they?

        Vaccine makers will say that correlation is not causation, although try telling that to those who fall ill immediately after the shot (or die!).

        However, they use the same argument for justifying that vaccines do any good, that because people don’t fall ill or not so badly, it is the vaccines which have helped. This cannot be substantiated. Lots of factors change over time and each person is an individual, not a herd.

        If someone sells something for money, then one must always exercise caution, such as in buying a car, let alone a used car. Compare this to a vaccine where we are told in part what is in them (I did an analysis of the three used in the UK) and one begins to wonder why anybody would want them.

        Just because we are told they help is not the same as actually being of any effect at all.

        It is possible for people to have a placebo effect which I am sure you understand, but if they are positive about it, and their immune systems are up to scratch then they will come away positive.

        Add to that the point that it could be saline for all we know (and people will sell something for nothing to the overly trusting), then one can see that one should not trust big pharma one inch.

        I used to think vaccines were of some use, but then in 2020 I looked at things properly and changed my mind. I therefore have to say to people “Avoid vaccines like the plague, look to boosting your immune system, and watch out there are a lot of liars out there who will sell you snake oil, leaving you or your family to pick up the pieces”.

  3. A vaccine unlike all others. A never before used MRNA vaccine, if that’s what it really is, when MRNA vaccines are relatively new, have never before been used population-wide, and the long-term effects of manipulating the Messenger RNA is unknown. When we learned of this, we gathered there would be many unpredicted effects as we just don’t know. So, we never took it.

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