My Reply to Insanitybytes2’s Post: Unmitigated Disasters

In her blog the author wrote about the Covid vaccines. Since I watched my husband almost die after getting Covid, I thought I had some thoughts worth sharing.

  1. I believe that it was the multiple rounds of Remdesivir treatment that almost killed my husband more so than the virus. He did have severe pneumonia, but that drug did nothing to remedy that. However, the Delta variant was indeed a very powerful ‘virus’ or bioweapon or whatever. It doesn’t affect everyone the same way which tells me that it’s not your usual virus. My whole family caught it. The younger ones got over it like any flu virus. They felt pretty bad and one of them needed extra help with breathing because he is asthmatic. But they were all well within the usual 7-10 day period for virus recovery. I was the sickest I have been in years and the symptoms were unlike the usual bugs I have had in the past. Delta caused extreme brain fog which was most likely because it attacked my sinuses. I had bad headaches and could barely remember what day it was. It also caused terrible vertigo. Once I had to drive to town while sick to get medicine and I got so nauseous that I had to park and lay back in my seat to recover before I could get back home.
  2. I will never forget the bizarre nightmare we went through trying to get treated without going to a regular doctor or hospital. At that time, hospitals were claiming to have no beds available ( another bizarre situation) and if you were admitted, the odds were good that you would DIE. So instead, I contacted a nurse practitioner by phone that was willing to prescribe antibiotics, steroids, and Ivermectin. But I had a very hard time getting the Ivermectin filled. Being sick at the time did not help.
  3. Despite that PTSD-causing experience, we did not feel safe getting the ‘jab’ after my husband got ‘well’ even though the doctor pushed it pretty hard. Thus we have not returned to that doctor since then. We are coming up on the one year anniversary of the beginning of the months-long Covid nightmare and I admit it has been on my mind lately. I’m pretty sure we had another Covid variant recently, but we refused to test for it. The symptoms were much milder this time.
  4. Our overall immune systems seems to have been permanently damaged by the virus. Neither of us are back to our old levels of health. The kids seem to have bounced back okay, but one of my sons who did get the jabs seems to get sick very easily now. Bronchitis twice in a little over a month.
  5. No way would I give my baby or young child or young adult child those jabs. Of course I can’t stop my adult children from doing what they think is best. The evidence is piling up that it has serious side effects as she said in her blog, such as blood clots and heart attacks and sudden death while sleeping. The affect on fertility remains to be seen.
  6. It’s too early to know the long term affects of the various vaccines, but preliminary data is not good for the mRna types. Vaccines have only been available since December 2020. That is not enough time. Data for Paxlovid is also not looking good.
  7. As for fear, it’s a normal reaction to realizing that very bad things are happening that we have little control over. But I am trying hard to keep giving it to God.
  8. The only good thing I see that came of all this is that many people were awakened from their virtual existence in materialism and pleasure and now see that they need to turn back to God. Like the city of Ephesus, Christians ’round the world had lost their first love. I have been amazed at the numbers of people who have found Christ in the pandemic!
  9. Remember, this is all an EXPERIMENT. We are all going to die someday, but that doesn’t mean we should recklessly take experimental medicines that most likely do alter our DNA, despite their reassurances to the contrary.

Try Prime today.

It’s hard to look at this, but I’m so thankful he survived!
Almost a year later


  1. Paula, What a nightmare! I am so thankful you all recovered as well as you did. I am months removed from my go around w/ Covid. To this day, I think I’m still experiencing “brain fog”. (it may be normal age related fog too. I’m not sure. Have never been this old before so I”m not 100% sure. Neither of us will ever voluntarily get the jab either. Never/ nada/ I no longer trust the CDC (they have been corrupted just like the FBI and that is not conspiracy theory. It is a fact.

  2. To offer you a counterexample, my parents were both vaccinated and both would have been hospitalized from Delta if they had not received monoclonal antibody treatments. Despite meeting the criteria, both had a profoundly difficult time getting MABs because they live in a blue state (Colorado) that was rationing the treatments according to race and ethnicity, as was the fad then. In fact, my mother had to sit for hours during her infusion while some insane woke nurse carried on about how “covid was caused by white people.” However, after they received the MABs, they were completely fine within 24 hours. One of my main reasons for being skeptical about the vaccines (apart from the rabid censorship/cancel culture online, the new pandemic billionaires, the fact that they were railroading new technology through regulatory hurdles to the point that longtime regulators quit over the process) was that they were simultaneously so hell-bent on limiting access to a bona fide miracle treatment. One what planet does that even make sense? I cannot think of a better indication of corruption than clinging to your predetermined winner no matter how crazy it seems.

    My father recently got the booster (for no other reason than he did not want the covid dead-enders to ruin his treatment for other issues) and spent two weeks in the ICU with pericarditis. They took almost 2 liters of fluid off his heart. He had no signs of infection elsewhere that could be blamed for the event, which very nearly ended his life. Pick up a 2-liter bottle of Coke sometime and imagine that in the middle of your chest. When my brother asked his cardiologist if the vaccine could have caused the condition, the cardiologist whispered that he could not dismiss the possibility. I can tell you first-hand how a lot of these complications have gone unreported because of the professional consequences for speaking up. It’s ridiculous our country has come to this state of affairs.

    Meanwhile, no one in my household got the shots, we never wore masks through the whole thing, we traveled and ate out several times a week in a city with a million people and never had even the sniffles. Because we homeschool, are self-employed, and live in Florida, it was like the coronavirus did not exist for us.

    All that said, it is also worth noting that Dr. Birx is on tour promoting the hot new covid antiviral (which is freaky in its own way). As part of the new marketing drive, she has admitted that she “knew” the vaccine would not stop infection and that she thought regulators went too far in pushing it to the exclusion of alternative treatments that would have had better outcomes for many individuals (possibly even your husband). She just blithely admitted it like it was nothing. But did she say anything when millions of Americans – some with serious pre-existing conditions – were told it was going to end the pandemic and that they would lose their livelihoods if they did not shut up and stick out their arm? Did she say anything when our military and military contractors and any random company that could be even loosely construed as having a connection the government was gutted – sometimes of senior talent – over the vaccine? Did she say anything when it was being pushed on young children and even babies, who were never at material risk of severe illness but were at risk from side-effects? When families were being torn apart over this illness? Nope, just the same as she had no problem ignoring the social distancing rules in her personal life as they destroyed a $21 trillion economy.

    I think it is totally fair to ask what public purpose these people even serve and who is buttering their bread. I did not blindly trust doctors before covid, but I can safely say Hell will freeze over before I take someone in the medical field at their word going forward. This was a lesson in groupthink and propaganda millions of people will never forget.

    • I’m so sorry. Your mom’s and dad’s experiences might be hard to believe if I hadn’t heard such horror stories from many people around the world. It’s just too bizarre to dismiss all of these strange behaviors by so called scientists and world leaders. They were united in their message. And even before Covid broke out they had been launching a counter attack on “anti-vaxxers” to prime the public. Remember the fake measles “outbreaks”? Oh, and I asked for Mab when we were first diagnosed but they poopooed it. Then when he was gasping for air in the ER ,they said it was too late . Why were they refusing to give this treatment?! I really believe it was a purge . And more people will die . They killed off a whole lot of people who were on Medicaid and social security. And they aren’t done with the economy yet. 😕

    • Reading this again and getting so made knowing that thousands of people died who would still be alive if they had been given the MAB!

      • I know it should not be surprising that a party that is cool with abortion, that will smear people with fake rape claims if they do not get on board with their politics, etc. would withhold treatment from people to push a pharmaceutical that they fully understood in media res did not work and was even dangerous to people who otherwise had nothing wrong with them. But sometimes you let the fact of their evil wash over you and it’s really difficult to process that we have to occupy the same space with people like this. And that’s without knowing how a virus that seems to target people with specific genetic traits was made and unleashed on the world, because that was probably not an accident either.

      • That’s what they said, while simultaneously arguing the vaccine (made for a variant that has not been circulating the globe literally for years now) still magically works for variants with dozens of mutations on the spike protein. There’s nothing stopping them from farming antibodies for the variants the same way they did the first one. That’s why it’s so genius as a treatment. And they do seem to be quietly doing that now. My in-laws came back from a cruise last week and everyone got covid on it. They live in Georgia and were given MABs. Had no symptoms at all within a day. It just overloads your body with an immune response and eliminates the virus, and you walk away with natural immunity.

      • When they first tried to shut it down (immediately after Biden was elected), Delta was still very much going around. It was a purely political decision at the time, to emphasize the vaccine as an all-or-nothing solution. That was when they started pushing the mandates and blocking anyone on social media who suggested the vaccine did not prevent infection / that there were cases of severe illness and even death in vaccinated people. (The CDC refused to even track breakthrough infections.) With MABs, the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” wasn’t a thing – you can’t push that narrative if covid is easily treatable. Now that Pfizer has an antiviral, they don’t care to make the argument anymore.

      • It all makes me nauseous. And ‘the govt’ is paying for most of these drugs, too. This is from an article about Eli Lilly stock “The $1.0bn increase reflects additional Covid-19 antibodies revenue from the sale of 600,000 doses of bebtelovimab to the US government in Q1 2022, the company said. “. I can’t even. And now we have the new HIV, monkeypox which people are demanding the govt buy vaccines for. I think that is a big part of the plan, or the main part, to bring in more federal dollars for big pharma, and also to create global healthcare policies.

      • Indeed. In economics, this behavior is called “rent-seeking” – where you increase your profits by capturing politicians and regulators who will divert government funds to you as a source of income, as opposed to making a profit through productive innovation (what distinguishes a political economy from capitalism). It’s usually associated with crises and financial instability, as it undermines the functionality of government and removes limited resources from being used for actual public goods. One of the ironies of this political moment is you have so many people demanding the government give them “free” stuff (universal basic income, free childcare, student loan forgiveness) while electing people who are actively blowing up any and all resources that could be used to support genuinely vulnerable populations. Bloomberg just ran a story yesterday about how Moderna’s new millionaires and billionaires have driven a housing bubble in Boston as they are living large on all that sweet sweet pandemic cash. For the first vaccines in the history of vaccines that had no impact on the spread of a disease. Historians are going to have a field day with this period of time.

      • Also, another story worth following is the falsification of Alzheimer’s research over the past 20 years that is coming out now. It turns out most of what they have been saying about the mechanism behind Alzheimer’s was simply made up. In the middle of all the covid drama, the FDA approved a new drug with zero – ZERO – clinical evidence that it even did anything. It costs over $50,000 and was single-handedly responsible for the cost of Medicare insurance premiums climbing by half. Almost totally ate the cost of living adjustment on Social Security benefits for most elderly people. Same agency that pushed the vaccine and antiviral groupthink in covid approved drugs with universal failure rates based on bogus research and disregarded anyone who said it was insane and unethical to do so.

      • Devastate the economy, drive people into debt, buy up the land and make a killing. Having killed off and maimed a ‘few’ people’ of course.

        By the way, the truth is far worse than ‘For the first vaccines in the history of vaccines that had no impact on the spread of a disease.’

        The sad fact is vaccines never have been of any use, it was just big pharma ‘advertising’ making us believe it and ignoring the public health improvements, sanitation, etc. which actually reduced disease.

        I explain matters on my site.

      • When people allegedly demand the govt buy vaccines, I wonder who they are?

        And don’t forget the taxpayers pay for the privilege of vaccines whether they want them or not.

        Or put another way, “Hey everybody, why not pay for something poisonous to harm yourselves with?”

      • What I think they meant is that they didn’t want to offer anything that worked and that was just an excuse to give time for more people to be ‘bumped off’ as the saying goes.

      • The so-called virus is, if anything, the exosome part of the body’s defence system.

        There are lots of poisons in the environment and whilst it is difficult to generalise, the main problem is vitamin D deficiency which is worse in the those with darker skins in the northern hemisphere above a certain latitude due to reduced sunshine levels.

        Existing comorbidities are a major factor too.

    • Hello from the UK

      Many thanks for what you have written. I did not blindly trust doctors before Covid myself except I did trust them on my cancer diagnosis and had immuno-therapy which I now believe had added to my initial symptoms.

      I now would not go near a doctor or hospital unless absolutely necessary. Most mainstream doctors are ignorant so-and so’s (I am being polite), know precious little about diet and nutrition and do more harm than good much of the time by promoting largely neuro-toxic big pharma drugs. By and large these can be identified by the nitrogen in the chemistry.

      The medics who have participated in the fraud are guilty of grievous bodily harm if not murder by poison or for not standing up for the truth.

      I consider the NHS is substantially a waste of money and need demolition and rebuilding with what’s left into something worth having, if anything.

      Kind regards

      • Thanks for your input. I am not anti-science and sometimes we need medical doctors, but I am afraid that much of medical science has been corrupted by money as you said.

      • Agreed, I am not anti-science just false science. The problem lies in the current main stream science on the way the body and immune system works. Most doctors have got it wrong, they have been taught incorrectly, in Universities funded by those who seek to profit financially from selling largely pointless pharmaceutical drugs.

        It may be weird, but the clue is in the name ‘p-harm-aceutical’.

  3. This is a great post and I appreciate you telling your story. Your family is sure blessed to have you looking out for them so well. I remember when your husband got sick and lifting him up in prayer. My own hubby went through that a few years before covid, pneumonia and a vent, likely caused by sanding concrete in his case.

    We are definitely living in unsettling times and there is a lot of uncertainty in the air, but you are right, many people have been awakened from their “virtual existence in materialism and pleasure and now see that they need to turn back to God.” There has been a huge opportunity for spiritual growth and people have been coming to Christ.

  4. My man has a friend that is not even 40 years old yet and got COVID earlier this year after being around his mother who had been vaxxed and died from it. He spent 4 months in the hospital most of it on a ventilator and then a tracheotomy once he woke up from the coma they put him in. He had pneumonia at least twice, he had a stomach rupture for some strange reason, he lost like 55 lbs, and had to walk with a walker for nearly 2 months, and is still on oxygen. His sister was in the hospital for a short time, and his wife, 7-year-old son, and 5-year-old daughter barely got sick at all.
    I refused it and I am glad I did I have had one stroke and don’t need another and I also have 2 serious heart conditions A-fib and Bradycardia so far with a pacemaker I have avoided a heart attack and would like to keep it that way.

      • I was severely blamed by a family member for my husband’s illness. It was a painful time. But I still think we did the right thing not getting the shot . And he wasn’t going to the shot even if I did, so it’s not my fault. But the whole thing forced me to lean on God and learn to forgive someone who didn’t deserve it. It was a good lesson even though it was very difficult.

      • I am so sorry that happened to you. Some people are just blinded to the truth. I am glad though you knew you could lean on God. I think you all did the right thing not getting the shot because of all the possible side effects and it seems the list keeps growing.It is hard to forgive people that speak in ignorance.
        I remember back when BLM was at the height of popularity my man is black and I am white. I was friends with his stepmother on Facebook I told her we did not like BLM and she told me I had to leave him and that I had taught him my evil white ways. I blocked her I didn’t even respond because I would have said things I regretted. She is still blocked I forgave her, but that doesn’t mean I have to talk to her.

      • I like to say ‘when did shooting anybody cure anything?’ Playing Russian roulette may be fun for the mad, but I am not that mad and avoid vaccines like the plague as they give you the plague.

        If indeed there is anything in them as big pharma do like to sell nothing for something as they make more profit that way.

      • My vitamin D is fine it is checked often with my doctor. I have A-fib and Bradycardia because I had sepsis twice in 6 months back in 2015 and it damaged the electrical part of my heart. My heart itself is fine and strong it is like I have a short in the electrical part of my heart so I have a pacemaker to maintain proper rhythm and speed. Before the pacemaker my heart had beat as high as 185bpm and as low as 30bpm.

      • Thanks for letting me know. I know that many people are not checked for D deficiency so I like to ask.

        However, it is worth bearing in mind that the actual D levels are often only a low average of what is acceptable.

        You heart rate range was extraordinary, I am glad it is under control.

        Having looked at your site a bit, I believe you take various medications and that you are aware of the toxicity/addiction problems if one is not careful.

        Most big pharma drugs are neuro-toxic and one ends up taking something for side effects, and one then has to take something for the side effects of that etc. etc.

        Good for big pharma profits but not for the person concerned.

        I was misdiagnosed with a cancer by the NHS in England which I now know to be due to sodium nitrite poisoning in bacon I ate. The immuno-therapy treatment they gave me has almost certainly been the cause of adding to my facial palsy symptoms.

      • I no longer take opioids I stopped those on my own about 3 years ago I now take something else for pain. I do take muscle relaxers because I would not be able to stand or walk without them. I know all about big pharma, but when more than half of your own body is either trying to kill you or cripple you it isn’t so easy to say to heck with them. I was born missing 5 discs in my spine so all of my life my vertebra in that area have rubbed bone on bone and has done considerable damage to my lower back and nerves. I am an insulin dependent diabetic, I have thyroid disease, arthritis in my neck and upper back, I have nerve pain in my feet and legs from the diabetes. I am a walking talking disaster. I take far less medications than I once did, but the ones I take are a must if I had to deal with the full onslaught of all the pain my body produces I doubt I would be able to deal with it. The heart thing I started with A-fib which caused the 185 bpm was the first symptom something was wrong and got that under control and then last year I was feeling really bad and barely slept that night and the next day my home health nurse came and noticed I looked really bad and took my pulse, took it again, and then took it again and then told my man to call an ambulance because my heart rate was 30 bpm and could stop at any time which thankfully it didn’t. It was a struggle getting it back to normal and keeping it there so now I have a pacemaker that makes it behave.
        I am sorry for what you went through that is horrible. I can’t even imagine what you have been trough dealing with all of that. I have heard of others getting sodium nitrite poisoning from bacon in the past I didn’t that still occurred. I will pray for you God bless.

      • Thank you for what you have told me. My sufferings are a mere pittance compared to yours. It may seem bizarre, but I am grateful for it albeit I would not wish to go through it again.

        It has meant that I can understand others suffering a bit more and it did lead me to truth I would not have discovered. I am rather slow, but I got there eventually.

        Thank you for your prayers. I have asked the angels to take great care of you and your man so they will. They are very faithful.

      • I have never looked at my suffering as more less than anyone else’s suffering is suffering. God does take great care of me or I would have given up long ago. Thank you God bless.

  5. It is important to keep in mind, only J&J offers a true vaccine. The Pfizer, Moderna, Astra-Zeneca and any others offering mRNA are providing unproven gene therapies. I have participated in several clinical trials, and each of them involved extensive research before human trials, and full disclosure through Informed Consent forms. NONE of this was done for the mRNA jabs, and even people involved in their development have come out pointing out the irregularities and dangers of this.
    You, John and Grace are in my daily prayers, along with your sons frequently.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    • Yes, and we are seeing that these gene therapies do not work as vaccines, but who knows what other effects they are having on the human genome. :/ Thank you so much for the prayers!

      • The insulin I take is an rDNA insulin it is basically using bacteria to make insulin. The worst thing I have seen from it is making me gain weight, but I think all insulin does that to some degree. It is a 70/30 mix of 70% long-acting to 30% short-acting that way it starts working fast and continues up to 24 hours.

    • I used to think vaccines were of some use, but the truth is all vaccines are pointless and always have been, only big pharma advertising ‘persuaded’ the public they worked.

      The immune system has to be good and vaccines merely cause harm if anything. I explain on my site.

      • Well, I disagree a little with you. The DPT and oooo vaccines, the Salk vaccine and others that ARE real vaccines have been historically effective in lowering pediatric mortality and disease.
        As noted, the problem is with mRNA being called a “vaccine” when it is gene therapy.

      • I agree with you because I knew a boy when I was a child that had polio and it made his little life miserable. Also tetanus is a horrible way to die and I am moderately allergic to the tetanus vaccine but will take it if I have to when i get hurt. The other two in the DPT shot has saved a lot of kids.

      • Thank you for your reply. I have done a full explanation in the following link of mine which you should consider.

        The truth is that the nations, especially in the western world, have been deceived. Big pharma have only been in it for money, which is why is is an industry. They rely on keeping people ill to maintain their business model.

        The only real vaccine is one that poisons your body for no benefit whatsoever, mRNA or not. They are Satan’s great deceit and very successful he has been. If those who follow Christ do not all wake up to this, people will continue to be made ill and suffer.

        The deceit gained ground because of evolutionary theory, which is the biggest load of nonsense which has led to so much death and destruction and the idea of different ‘races’, whereas there is only one human race.

  6. We have not, nor will we, get the “vaccine”. You can lump us right up there with the anti-vaxxers, lol. However, this is not a decision we just made, it is one that we researched and discussed. My parents are completely vaxxed up to the eyeballs and have gotten the booster. That is their decision, this is mine. We are thankfully not in a spat about it, but I know there are some strong feelings. That being said, we have gotten Covid twice. The first go around, I was fine. All the kids and my husband were sick. Nothing that needed hospitalization, thankfully, but they were seriously sick and I was obviously, constantly exposed to them. The second go around, just my husband and I got sick. There is no possibility of quarantining in our house, so I would like an “explanation” for that one. (That was sarcasm, lol) That being said, I believe my husband got sick both times because his immune system is shot from long term stress. He wasn’t as sick the second time, but he has definitely been affected by long-term covid symptoms. The man has a memory like a tightly locked safe. His memory now, is not great. He still experiences brain fog and we both have issues with things smelling wrong (the official term is parosmia) but are working on trying to reverse it. My memory has never been fantastic and it’s now hard for me to determine if my memory issues are just my memory issues or worse because of Covid. I know there are people who will be like, why not get the shot then? Well, an acquaintance of ours did get the shot because it was either that or lose her job (she is a nurse). Thank God she is a nurse, because she started experiencing symptoms that she knew were not right. She had her husband bring her to the hospital and they basically told her if she hadn’t come in right when she did, that she would have died. This lady is not someone to exaggerate or make things up. She would have left her husband and three sons without a wife or mother. The fact that they have FORCED people to get a vaccine that is UNTESTED, etc etc just blows my mind. Again, I know why, I just still have difficulty not getting blindsided by what certain people will do to others. As my husband says, I just don’t think that way, which is why it always surprises me….stay safe and so very thankful you have all recovered. He looks so much healthier! God Bless!

    • I’m with you! I’ve just heard too many personal stories from people I know in real life that have had reactions. Yes, I know of people who died from Covid, as well. But just think if they had been given the antibodies, they might still be alive. My extended family is still getting boosters and I don’t say anything. I just pray for them. Hugs!

      • Prayer is the best you can do for them. A young husband and father in our church came to a service feeling fine, and by the time the service was over, he was unable to move or talk. They rushed him to the hospital where he arrived unable to breathe and was immediately put on a respirator – Guillaine Barr (sp?) He received much prayer and survived, and after being told he would need 5-6 months of physical therapy to relearn how to walk and talk, he was up in a couple of months, and the next prayer request we got from him was that he was going to be a guest speaker at a church in another part of the state. Still, I look at what he went through and what my husband and I went through with Kovd, and I’ll take the Kovd any day.

    • It is really useful to hear your story. As to variance of symptoms and those getting sick, your analysis re your husband is basically correct; stress causes fear and ‘what you fear comes upon you’.

      The immune system tends to freeze/not function correctly. One main issue is vitamin D deficiency, a major problem in the world due to increased living and working indoors.. I explain further in my latest post if you are interested.

  7. I’m sorry you husband got so sick! My husband’s best friend, who lives a mile from us died last Thanksgiving night. He was misdiagnosed. The hospital was convinced he had COVID. They tested him eight time — all were negative, but they put him on a ventilator. They also thought it he pneumonia so they put him on antibiotics. He died from valley fever, which is a fungus and takes over your lungs. The antibiotics make the fungus grow more.

    • I was misdiagnosed by the NHS with a cancer for which I was given immuno-therapy. In reality it was sodium nitrite poisoning via food (legally allowed I may add!) which will convert to nitro-samines which are highly neuro-toxic.

      I cancelled the treatment after 9 sessions once I realised. Howver, the ‘ingredients were never explained to me but in essence they are probably similar to vaccines.

      So 9 vaccines in as many months in 2020. It is no wonder I am struggling with my health as I seek to detoxify.

      I would not trust any mainstream doctors without extreme caution and research.

      • Yes, I wish it were not so except that if I had not gone through it I would not have understood.

        It is much worse than just my misdiagnosis, the truth is all chemo-therapy and immuno-therapy is ultimately pointless if not harmful, just like vaccines. It is part of a huge big pharma fraud to make money at the nations’ expense.

      • I meant to say “any” instead of and. I have a friend who was killed by chemo years ago. I don’t know if the cancer would have been any better without the treatment though.

      • The cancer industry tries to justify its existence by manipulation of statistics and that “a cure for cancer is just 5 years away” to bring in more funding.

        There is an excellent book called ‘Cancer. Why we are still dying to know the truth.’ by Phillip Day.

        One can kill ‘rogue’ cells by poison but the toll on ones body with toxicity is grim and requires great effort and wisdom to remove it.

        The truth is that cancer is ultimately a lifestyle/diet issue coupled with vitamin D deficiency, exacerbated by the many toxins in the environment and big pharma chemicals (including vaccines).

        I understand that many so-called cancers identified on scans are probably false anyway. Breast cancer is a particular problem.

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