Net Zero: Heading Towards Genocide?

Russia has a very tumultuous and violent past. Even people who say “I hate history” know Russia’s reputation for corruption, killing and imprisoning political dissidents, a Communist dictatorship, and “sending people to Siberia”. Ukraine is not as well known.

Many people have never heard of the Holodomor, or Great Famine, which was the mass starvation of approximately 4 MILLION Ukrainians due to Stalin’s policies. He took their food and then he would not allow them to go get food in other places. Most historians agree that this was a planned genocide.

Who is not horrified by images like these? But did you know that the British Empire did the same exact thing to the country of India when they colonized it and sent in the East India Company to take it’s resources?

And it has been done in other countries as well, the taking of crops and selling them while the people literally become walking skeletons. And did you also know that this is often part of a larger plan of ‘ethnic cleansing or planned population reduction’ in the name of eugenics, or the purging of the humans who don’t deserve to live? For a complete and horrifying review, see this list.

However, this was years ago, right? Should we continue to hold the later generations of citizens and rulers of these countries responsible for these atrocities? Do we think that people and governments have changed and now they care about human rights and humanity?

I think the answer is, it depends. However, in the case of Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea and the Congo, and many other Third World nations, corrupt governments (mostly Communists) are still perpetrating similar crimes against humanity.

But what about Britain? Did Britain change? Is Britain still capable of eugenics-motivated genocide?

What about America? Have we as a people changed since we colonized and pushed out the Natives of this land?

What is the difference between America and these other countries?

I like to think that America is different because of our Christian moral foundation which emphasizes that man is the image-bearer of God and should be cared for as Jesus taught, not murdered. But didn’t Britain claim to be Christian?

I think the main difference is that America is the richest country in the world and doesn’t need to commit genocide. Our geographical location, control of the world’s currency, and free market system, AND Christian worldview has allowed us to amass wealth and power and military might that has made it easier to be generous to the poor, unlike European countries. This is not to say that genocide in the form of abortion has not killed millions of unborn citizens.

But would America actually starve it’s living population if things get tough financially? I hope that the answer is no. Should we try to prevent that from happening? Yes, by rebuilding and strengthening our respect for human life.

Ending abortion on demand is a good first start. Or at the very least, we need to make it a rare thing! Human life is human life.

Then we need to teach children that they are created by God, not by evolution or chance. The teachings of Darwin, which are based on the teachings of Thomas Malthus, have done more to encourage genocide and the debasing of human life than anything else. Thomas Malthus is the original leader of the eugenics movement, who believed that there are too many people in the world and that we must reduce the number by any means possible. Darwin was a follower of his, as was Hitler.

So should we blame whole nations for the evils that were perpetrated mostly due to a few charismatic and powerful men? If we let this evil happen in our own country, would it be our fault?

We have to stop turning a blind eye to evil. We cannot be complacent and think that ‘those things’ are in the past. Genocide is currently happening around the world! People have not changed. We must fight against the ideological takeover that is happening due to the dumbing down of our schools and infiltration of anti-God beliefs into public schools and colleges AND due to unbridled greed and corruption.

There is a middle ground between giving up and joining the evil. It is called doing what is right. But the philosophy that is being taught and believed is that there is no right and wrong! And after that has been accepted, the veil is drawn down to not see the evil that is all around us and controlling our own actions.

Evil works behind the scenes. Then when you are weak and unaware, it will break out!

The CLIMATE AGENDA is not what you think. Open your eyes and mind to see the inevitable ‘measures’ that will be taken to achieve ‘net-zero’. The energy transition will cause worldwide starvation.

We have to turn the hearts of the children back to God, get out and vote, speak out, protest, PRAY. Vote for life-affirming, freedom-protecting, truth-based policies. Who we have in office matters! And it’s really hard to vote for good men and women if they don’t run for office.

But even more important we must start speaking up for life in our families and communities. Otherwise, the next genocide could happen in our lifetime.


  1. This seems a bit strong, PK. I agree about the nefarious nature of things like abortion; I suppose I seethem as subtle, orchestrated attacks across many areas than as planned genocide.

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