Return to a Conservative Ethic

Conservatives have been co-opted into the business of unlimited growth with only one goal, making money.

But conservative values, such as freedom with responsibility, the rule of law, Christian morals, the Golden Rule, and logic and reason, are incompatible with the love of money.

It is not logical that man can turn food into processed junk sold in a box via psychologically manipulative marketing techniques without there eventually being negative consequences such as poor health, food waste, and soil depletion, and starvation in Third World countries.

It is not morally right for conservatives to invest in companies across the ocean that produce cheap goods to be shipped back to America and sold to shopping addicts who barely remember what they ordered.

It is not lawful to bribe, pay kick backs to, or otherwise influence lawmakers to make laws that benefit one company over another or provide contracts to them or artificially raise or keep down wages in a certain industry or trade.

It is not responsible to put our rights into the hands of globalist NGOs, unelected regulators, hand-picked judges, textbook publishers, marketing companies, media moguls, and other corporate-backed entities.

It is not godly to have no concern for future generations’ well-being.

It is morally wrong to put profits above human rights.

Conservatives must return to doing what is right. We have been duped by Progressives into supporting their goals through the merging of corporations with government, also known as fascism. Their goals include global control through global government, global banking, global healthcare, and global food production.

We must rebuild the power of state governments, bring back local farms, and local factories, while also caring about people. We must remember that actions have consequences.

Freedom with limits. It is God’s way. It is the Conservative way.


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