Deep Breaths

It’s been a week of reminding myself to stop holding my breath.

My entire body was tense from my jaw to my feet . My chest has been hurting .

I hesitated to share this, but I feel like it’s not fair to hide my struggles with anxiety from my blog friends.

Sometimes life is just a little too 3D. I don’t want the IMAX, surround sound experience. I just want to breathe in and breathe out . It’s gonna pass . I’m okay .

On a good note, my seeds sprouted.

And my pickled eggs turned out perfect!

And my husband built another Hugelkultur bed!

Thanks for being there, WordPress family !


  1. You WILL be okay. But I can absolutely relate as I’ve suffered from anxiety and panic attacks myself in the past. Trust yourself and have faith … take a leaf from your seeds. Sending love and good wishes 💚

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