Abortion Battles in the Age of Covid

A lot has changed in the world since the Roe V Wade decision that made abortion legal in 1973. Women have moved into better paying jobs, the social ‘safety net’ has made having childen safer and more affordable, world poverty has greatly decreased, improvements in medical science have improved the lives of millions of women and children and the internet has made health information available to almost everyone with a smartphone. And now, thanks to a more mobile world, we have a pandemic and vaccine mandates have been promoted as a the solution.

As the Supreme Court discusses the legality of new state abortion restrictions, and other courts argue about the enforceability of mandates, I’d like to add my thoughts to the pile.

Does abortion kill a human being?

First we have the scientific arguments. Does abortion kill a human being? It depends on when you believe a fetus becomes a human. If life begins when you can see a heartbeat on an ultrasound, that is possible as early as 5 /12 to 6 weeks gestation. If it’s when the fetus resembles a human, that is around 9 weeks. If it is when the baby feels pain, scientists believe that is around 24 weeks, but possibly earlier, especially considering babies born at this stage can survive.

Based on these numbers abortions would kill a human being if they are done after about 6 weeks and especially after 24 weeks. This is not new information. Doctors know this and yet they made abortion legal.

But feminists and abortion rights activists are terrified of losing the battle for legal abortion since Texas and other Conservative states have placed limits on when they can be performed. The Texas “Heartbeat” Bill makes abortion illegal after a heartbeat is found on an ultrasound.

As ultrasounds have become more advanced and less expensive, it is now possible for any woman considering having an abortion to see her baby before she decides and pro-choice activists have fought to make pre-abortion ultrasounds a requirement.

On what basis do they justify killing a human being?

According to Amnesty International’s very woke page about abortion for women, girls and ‘other people’, abortion is a fundamental human right based on the right to bodily autonomy. From their website: “Access to safe abortion services is a human right. Under international human rights law, everyone has a right to life, a right to health, and a right to be free from violence, discrimination, and torture or cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.”

So they claim we should legalize abortion because of our right to decide whether we want to be pregnant or not. This ignores 1)birth control, 2)early abortion or morning after pills, and most important , 3)the fact that the baby also has a body and has rights.

One very spurious claim is that abortion is sometimes necessary to save the life of the mother. Doctors will tell you this is extremely unlikely. It is just as easy to deliver the baby early at a viable stage if the mother is unhealthy, as it is to abort. Even if there were some very, very rare case of this, it is too rare to even consider it an argument for providing government-funded abortion access to all women.

Reasons for abortion

Roe V Wade overruled state laws which restricted abortion and made it so that based on the 14th Amendment ‘right to privacy’ , women had a right to an abortion in all states , but only up to a certain point in the pregnancy. Radical feminists have fought to take away ALL restrictions and allow abortion even DURING labor, which is obviously killing a living human being.

Many believe that the actual reason so many feminists fight so hard for abortion is because they want to have sex without the risk of consequences, to be able to do what they want, despite the death of a human being.

It’s obvious that abortion activists do not actually care about women. If they did they would talk about the long-lasting affects that abortion can have on the mental and physical health of women. If they really cared, they would fight for harsher sentences for men who sexually abuse girls and women and they would find alternatives so the pregnant woman could carry the baby to term.

Every other defense for abortion, such as ‘I am too young; in college; just started my career; not married; in a bad relationship, my boyfriend said he will leave me, etc.’, ‘This isn’t a good time for me to be a parent’, ‘I am too poor’, etc. can be countered with the answer, you are killing a human being for your convenience and ignoring other options such as adoption, getting help from social services, or not getting pregnant in the first place.

The truth is that abortion has been made an easy way out and an excuse for bad choices and immorality. And what feminists seem unable to understand is that abortion actually provides a way out for irresponsible, abusive, and immoral MEN. Young girls who are raped and impregnated by their relatives are sometimes forced to have abortions by the perpetrators to hide their crimes.

What about women in poor countries? Unwanted pregnancies are common and these women need help, but this is a humanitarian issue, not a human rights issue. Abortion when used as a means of population control and eugenics should horrify anyone who actually cares about human rights.

Legalized and popularized abortion is one way for globalists to control who lives and who doesn’t. Until they manage to get all the Africans and other “undesirables” (including poor White Americans) on birth control, they will push for abortion rights.

Abortion is also a very lucrative business for doctors, clinics, and people who sell fetal tissue and blood products.

My body , my choice?

As much as I hate abortion and believe that it IS killing humans, I’m afraid that there may be a reason for repealing Roe V Wade that has nothing to do with saving babies.

Global healthcare. Global healthcare costs must be managed. Abortion and sterilization has been part of that plan. But now they need to re-frame it.

In order to continue to build out the planned global economy , which is starting, publicly at least, with the pandemic, they must set the precedent that we do NOT have bodily autonomy. They must be able to argue that VACCINES can be mandated to save OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES.

So you see that this argument will be in conflict with the arguments for abortion. Vaccine mandates will be the first in a line of other mandated healthcare procedures.

If it’s okay to kill a baby living inside your body, then they can’t force us to get vaccinated by claiming we must protect random strangers.

In the pre-RoevWade era the Court has claimed that vaccines can be made compulsory in the interest of public health. But can it still use that claim when it has allowed the bodily autonomy argument for abortions? We shall see.

So, as usual, laws will be made that are not in the best interests of people they affect. They will be serving the elite, big pharma, etc.

And by the way, I can almost guarantee that ‘morning after pill’ birth control will still be available. If not, then doctors will find a way around any new abortion laws by simply telling a patient how to induce a miscarriage’.

Should anyone abort a baby? In my opinion and with my religious beliefs, I am totally against it. But if you must do it, I pray that you will do it before 9 weeks.

As of 12/15/2021 , the courts are leaning towards shifting abortion regulation back to the states . Changing regulations on the abortion pill . are also being debated. But for now, nothing has changed .

If you’re interested in a fictional YA series about a future society without abortion check out my review here of The Unwind Series.


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