The World According to My Emails

I subscribe to quite a few news and corporate website emails including those I agree with and those I don’t, because, ‘know your enemy’. But also I like to be sure I have a better understanding of their goals and plans in order to discuss topics fairly. By getting the information straight from the source, you can be sure it’s not biased, at least not against them.

When I scan the email titles, it can be entertaining at times so I thought I would share.

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From The Libertarian Christian Institute: Weekend Insights – Pardoning Turkeys, Imprisoning Humans

From The New Yorker: The Lessons of “The Lorax” and The Science of Mind Reading

From Substack : Tell the British we’re coming

From the Dallas Morning News:

The omicron variant of the coronavirus is coming to Dallas, doctor says; here’s what to know

From UMAction Update (not Progressive): Drag Preaching, Liberal Intolerance, and the UMC Protocol

From McKinsey Daily Read: How COVID-19 is reshaping supply chains and McKinsey & Company: For our Rethinking Recycling initiative, a new pathway to growth: Delterra

From Brookings Global: Demand-driven and gender-responsive policies for promoting entrepreneurship among women in Vietnam and Missing at COP26: Lifestyle choices of middle-class and rich consumers and Forging new paths to action for the Sustainable Development Goals

From The Digest (Biofuels): proposals to re-introduce sugar beet as a more sustainable alternative to fossil fuels used for bioethanol in Scotland.

From Unherd (good website): The good news about the Omicron variant and The liberal case for gun ownership

From The Daily Signal (Conservative): Businesses Are Going Woke. Here’s What a Thoughtful Investor Needs to Consider. and ‘Logistical Nightmare’: Texas Staffing Company Sues to Stop Biden Vaccine Mandate

From The New York Times:

A “Simpsons” episode that mocks Chinese censorship has vanished from Disney+ in Hong Kong

From ProPublica: “If Everybody’s White, There Can’t Be Any Racial Bias”: The Disappearance of Hispanic Drivers From Traffic Records and Judge Says NYPD Illegally Withheld Footage in Police Shootings

From Project Syndicate: The Drums of War in Taiwan and Ukraine and The Fed Must Think Creatively Again

Obviously I don’t have time to read all these. I pick and choose according to my current interests.

What kinds of emails do you get and which ones do you actually read? Do you use an email list for your blog? If so what do you send out? How many emails are in your Inbox today? I have 3549. That’s a low number because this is a fairly new laptop. 🙂


  1. I get news from the times, the journal and amny. I get member emails from roundabout theater, metropolitan museum of art, Carnegie hall and Brooklyn botanic and film forum. I get emails because I go from New York botanic, Lincoln center, the zoo, two discount ticket apps, Whitney, Guggenheim and MOMA. Eater and thrilling. Goodreads and Barnes and noble and Reese’s book club. Live nation concert and Ticketmaster. PetSmart and Amazon. And stitch fix. I have about 1000 saved emails in specific folders but twenty in my inbox. I unsubscribe to things fairly regularly

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