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Con artist: a person who cheats or tricks others by persuading them to believe something that is not true.

Spirituality is a natural part of being human. Many sincere and sensitive people seek meaning, connection, and purpose through spiritual practices and beliefs in a world that can often feel meaningless, disconnected, and aimless.

This spiritual drive was created by God to lead us to God. Jesus came to guide us to the right God, because the world offers many false gods.

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Some of the same practices and disciplines that are essential to knowing the one true God are also used by non-Christians.

This article’s goal is to 1)inform Christians of the dangerous seduction of disguised paganism, and 2)offer the path to the real God to those seeking the most fulfilling and true spiritual life.

Con artists know how to use people’s desires to get them to buy their product. For example, have you seen ads on Facebook or other places hawking ‘Cacao Bliss’ or other cacao brands? Did you know that according to one website “Cacao has been used ceremonially for thousands of years throughout Central and South America.  The Cacao Spirit Is one the most powerful deities of Mesoamerican peoples. Considered a plant medicine, cacao offers the gifts of transformation, insight and divination.

Yes, drinking hot chocolate/cacao is being marketed as a method to achieve spiritual transformation. Various websites and videos offer you the instructions for cacao ceremonies.

Here is just one.

Create a sacred space, often with an altar in the middle

Sit in a circle and open up the circle by going around and saying your name out loud, sharing an intention or a word you’re calling in

Pour the cacao and pass it around the circle

Honor and bless the cacao

Set an intention for the ceremony

Drink the cacao

Breathwork, meditation, sound journey, dance, music – from here, it’s up to the person leading the cacao ceremony and whatever tool they prefer to use to amplify and manifest the intentions created by the participants.

Close the circle – an important part of the ceremony that invites integration of the deep spaces you may have explored during your cacao journey.


I ‘stumbled upon’ this information about cacao ceremonies on a website that also had links to full moon ceremonies and other pagan ideas. I believe that Satan is using ‘health’ as the new idol and once people start seeking physical health above all else, they search for these products and get introduced to these other things.

Of course the people selling cacao and other health supplements are just trying to make money. But they are using people’s desire for spiritual enlightenment as one way to make the sale. Another selling point is the ‘save the earth’ movement. Enjoying nature is not a sin. Worshipping it is. The following is from a website selling cacao.

Earth Echo was created out of our love for Mother Earth and all she offers us.

By tapping into her nutrient-dense superfoods, we’ve created products that help others reach ultimate health. In turn, we pledge to give back to her through sustainable practices and investments in her greatest resources.


Altars, circles, meditation, and setting intentions are spiritual practices that are being used by non-Christians and misguided Christians alike.

For those who believe in Jesus, these practices may make you FEEL more spiritual, but the danger lies in trusting feelings instead of knowing and obeying the truth of God’s word. Even more important is that you risk committing the sin of idolatry if you put your faith in rituals instead of God himself. Even the simple act of setting intentions can be a sin if you are not recognizing God’s sovereignty and seeking His will in your life.

A Christian’s intention should be first and foremost to follow Jesus every day. Some of the information I read on intentions sounds pretty close to the ‘name it and claim it’ movement. Even the words used to describe it are the words used by people who believe in magic. Christians should not be invoking spells or anything close to that.

Deepak Chopra a popular guru says this: “Trust that infinite organizing power to orchestrate the complete fulfillment of your desires.” What power is he referring to here? Who are you putting your trust in? If it’s God, then say that! He refers to it as ‘the universe’. This is a denial of the God who revealed himself to us through Jesus. He is knowable!

For unbelievers, there is real danger in participating in these rituals. If a person puts their faith in rituals and seeks transformation and wisdom through anything other than the one true God of the Bible, they will open themselves up to being controlled by demons.

Any spirit (or teacher) who does not confess that Jesus is the son of God is NOT from God.

Sometimes Christian women fall into the trap set by con artists selling the enticing goals of self-love, personal empowerment, and inner wisdom. They often suggest the same practices of meditation and circles, plus vision boards, crystals, cards, and even Christian ‘spells’ using herbs. These are the practices of witches, not Christians!

Love, power, and wisdom are not to come from within or be separate from the love, power and wisdom from God. Often these con artists are other women who sound good, look good, and are very good public speakers. Women eat this stuff up just like Eve ate the apple. But it’s poison!

Spiritual Con Artists: Have you been duped into pagan rituals ? Intentions, cacao ceremonies, etc Blue Skies and Green Pastures with Paula Adams

The Bible teaches us that following our hearts will lead us into sin, that pride is the usual result of too much self-love, and that we should be meek, not powerful. Only by reading the pure wisdom of the Bible can you protect yourself from these slick saleswoman who may not even realize they are ambassadors for Satan.

Spiritual leaders are growing in popularity, while traditional churches are losing members. There are several reasons for people leaving churches, but the problem is that these same people are still seeking meaning, wisdom, purpose, community, structure, etc. in their spiritual lives and they become easy prey for con artists.

If you are a Christian and have unwittingly gotten involved in these things, I urge you to repent, ask forgiveness, and stop immediately. The Bible specifically warns us about deceiving spirits and teaches that Satan is disguised as an angel of light.

The first defense against these tricksters is admitting that they are frauds and that you are drawn to them because you have rejected the true God for whatever reason. Perhaps you used to go to church and didn’t find it fulfilling. Or maybe you have never heard the true good news of Christ. Jesus died to save you from your sins. He offers forgiveness of sins and freedom from slavery to self. Spirituality apart from Jesus is still slavery.

You won’t find spiritual fulfillment outside of a relationship with Jesus.

Only the true God will provide the things you are seeking! You have been deceived by demons masquerading as beautiful, spiritual-sounding women and smooth-talking, handsome men. Admit that you were fooled and ask God to show you the way to the truth.

Jesus claimed in the book of John that he is ‘the way, the truth, and the life’. He also said that ‘no one comes to the Father but through me.’ Jesus is the only path to what you are seeking, no matter what any teacher or guide may tell you.

Sadly, many will not be willing to admit that they were conned. But for those who do, I pray that you will believe on Jesus today.

2By this you will know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, 3and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and which is already in the world at this time.

1 John 4:2-3


  1. Amen, PK! Sacred cacao ceremony? Spare me! I mean, I love chocolate as much as the next guy, but I draw the line at worshipping it! Unless, of course, it’s REALLY exceptional. ;>)

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