A Peek into PK’s Thoughts

It’s been a long week of over-thinking. Here are just a few of the millions of random and not-so-random musings and awakenings that have passed through my busy brain.

The most recent: “Are thoughts electrical charges or something entirely non-physical”?

The citizens of developed countries gradually abrogated their civic and community responsibilities to governments who were then taken over by bad guys and corporate lobbyists. The citizens wanted this because it became too complicated to take care of these responsibilities in a large, industrialized society.

The foxes are in the henhouse .

Today must be ‘Teenage boys go shopping with your mom day’ at Walmart. Why are those women all digging through that bin of comforters like it’s a dumpster. Is that a good price ? These aren’t even that pretty .

Marketing and media experts have conspired with psychologists to create almost irresistible and highly believable propaganda campaigns disguised as the news. Even government press conferences are carefully crafted to elicit certain emotional reactions.

Most of the time I really do feel like I am a stranger visiting this world. I just do not fit in here. And that’s a good thing.

The song Ruby Tuesday’s lyrics are pretty close to my theme song, at least for half of my personality. The other half is a hymn.

I am so lucky to be out running in this beautiful place. I just love these trees. Once again, God held back the rain for me.

Why am I talking to the rooster like he’s a pet dog? He would just as soon jump on me and claw me to death. But he does seem pretty smart and like he knows I am the one who brings the food. I still don’t trust him.

Yay, 11 eggs! Uh-oh, the coop door has a slight gap, better fix that. Taking care of the chickens is actually quite satisfying.

How many Black List episodes at one sitting is not irresponsible? I guess I should get up and do the dishes or something. Maybe write a blog.

I barely talked to my oldest son at Thanksgiving. But that wasn’t my fault. He was busy. I can’t believe he left without saying goodbye again. That’s just how he is.

I love this rainy, Fall weather, but only because it was Thanksgiving and only for a few days. Then the sun must come back. The leaves are turning red, finally. It’s actually cold. I wore a puffy jacket and gloves today. It will be in the 70s again this week. Texas.

I am so fat. I really must stop eating so many carbs. Kinda hard to do when that is all we had for Thanksgiving and the fridge is full of leftover. I made a salad with leftover ham.

You can gain ten pounds and not buy bigger clothes if you just wear jeggings.

Everyone needs to listen to The James Corbett Report interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr on The Real Fauci. Fauci is pure evil. Our government is so corrupt. If more people complained, maybe Congress would get scared and do something to save their jobs. The odd thing was his voice. I was totally not expecting that. Does he have Parkinsons’?

Whitney Webb. Green Finance. Mind blown. Hope she doesn’t suddenly commit suicide or get in an accident. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fc1uXJjP18

I can’t believe how slow I run now. How is this even possible that I’ve lost all the cardio I once had? Is it just age or is it from Covid? I tried some sprints today.

Would my kids mind if I don’t put up the tree this year? Would they mind if I don’t buy gifts? Would they rather have something fun or cash? Being a parent sure changes when they get older.

I saw some old friends at Walmart. I prayed for them after we chatted, they’ve been through so much. Even though they have different beliefs, they are good people. Does Jesus give cult members a break since they were taught lies?

Why am I cold AND sweating?

Who wrote The Blacklist? Where did he get these ideas? Are these stories based on real events? This is some crazy and unsettling stuff.

Do ‘they’ actually tell us their plans in advance through TV and movies?

Why do so few people see what is really happening in the world? Why do so few people resist tyranny? Is it possible to resist? Is evil protected by too many layers? God wins in the end.


      • Nothing. Nada. Mrs DM just commented on that very thing as we were having coffee in bed, how much she appreciated us not getting any snow yet this season. I on the other hand don’t really think about it. I have a 4 wheel drive Toyota Tundra, carharts, etc. I’ve grown up working outside, so I don’t really think about it.

  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE hearing your random thoughts Paula! I related to many of your thoughts and this one is a definite “Most of the time I really do feel like I am a stranger visiting this world. I just do not fit in here. And that’s a good thing.” More thoughts from Paula!

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