The COVAX Scheme: Pillar of Control: updated and edited with new info

(Originally posted December 2020)

Everyone knows about Covid-19 and the coming vaccines, but unfortunately the average citizen of the world does not know much about COVAX, a scheme concocted by Bill Gates’ Global Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) and the World Health Organization (WHO). COVAX is one pillar of the ACT-Accelerator, which stands for Access to Covid-19 Tools. The purported goal of the scheme is to make sure every country in the world gets access to effective vaccines once they are developed, even poor countries who can’t afford to pay. Wealthier countries will help provide the investment need to provide for the poor countries. We are told that this is the ONLY way that the distribution of the vaccine will be fair and equitable and the pandemic can be controlled. How could this be a bad thing, right? New article by NPR Biden has been elected since this post was written and here is the result.

The way COVAX is supposed to work is that many governments provide money for vaccines and the money is POOLED together and the COVAX group then gives the funds to vaccine manufacturing companies who will then build more factories to make the vaccines faster. Then COVAX will distribute certain amounts of vaccines to the governments who paid for it, based on how much money they put in. WHO is saying this is what we must do for the ‘public good’ and to save our world from further economic damage. However not every country has opted to participate in the scheme, including the world’s biggest economy, the United States, who has made other plans to acquire vaccines for it’s citizens by contracting directly with manufacturers instead of COVAX. Countries that are not joining COVAX are being called ‘nationalistic’ and accused of selfishly stock-piling the vaccines. COVAX offers no explanation as to why more vaccines cannot simply be made by the factories without them being the middle man, other than claiming that the manufacturers do not like assuming risk. They refer to investing in the scheme as insurance. To me this sounds like a sales pitch.

The link below is a documentary that I urge everyone to watch if they want to understand what is happening and what is coming as far as digital IDs and the use of vaccines to achieve control over the population. It is well researched and not conspiracy theory. Gates is the main speaker in the video.

Link to 2 hour documentary explaining Gate’s agenda and financial and media actions to create a world of vaccines.

My concerns with such a scheme are related to the obvious dangers of moving the world a step closer to a globalized system of healthcare by setting a precedent of using taxpayer/government funding, powerful non-elected global organizations such as GAVI, and the control of access to medicine based on the values of those in control, not the values of the countries themselves. The WHO, GAVI. the UN, the WEF and the rich elites that control technology and the media have a unique set of values that do not always agree with the values of individual citizens. Only by preserving the rights of individuals, free markets, and the separate powers of each country can we preserve and protect freedom and the democratic ideals of liberty and justice for all. Freedom has been under attack in every country and the popular method of taking away rights is to invoke the terminology of ‘equity and fairness’ which triggers immediate compliance to pretty much anything they say. Add in the fear factor of a pandemic and you have an easy sell.

If COVAX is allowed to control the distribution of the Covid 19 vaccines based on this scheme, the public will then be prepared to go along with other centralized controls. Free people do not want to go down this path that leads to a centralized, one world governing body. Especially at risk are low income countries who are finally making progress and beginning to participate in the world economy. We are a world of many countries with different beliefs and values and traditions and we must not attempt to restrict freedom to live according to those things that make us who we are by controlling access to necessary goods such as medicine, and possibly eventually food and other goods.

Gates stressed that the world needs to prepare for infectious disease outbreaks as it does for war. “What the world needs—and what our safety, if not survival, demands—is a coordinated global approach. Specifically, we need better tools, an early detection system, and a global response system.” This includes doing simulations, war games, and preparedness exercises to better understand how diseases will spread, and how to deal with things like quarantine and communications to minimize panic, he said. Better coordination with military forces is needed to move people, equipment, and supplies on a mass scale during an outbreak. In addition, the pharmaceutical industry needs to step up efforts to get new treatments out more quickly, he said. May 2, 2108
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Update 5/3/2021 Bill and Melinda Gates announce they are getting a divorce.

“Biden on Friday will urge G-7 and G-20 partners, and others, to put forward their own contributions to COVAX to help expand the supply and distribution for vaccines, the official said. The vaccine alliance GAVI, which helps lead COVAX, said in November that more than $2 billion had been pledged to buy vaccines, but at least $5 billion more was needed.


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