Why Evangelical Pastors Must Start Talking about Sex Now! Plus Podcast


The American church is in crisis and the reason is sex. Yet when was the last sermon you heard on that squirmy topic ?

Let me say first that sex is a blessing, a good thing, normal, even holy. IN THE RIGHT CONTEXT, meaning a monogamous, heterosexual marriage. I know that is not the popular view today. “Sex positive” proponents believe that as long as both, or all, the participants are consenting to the sexual activity, it’s legitimate. That is not what God says.

Today I went to the biggest department store in America and, on a hunch, I decided to see what they might be selling. Yes, they are selling sex toys in Walmart. Evidently this is not a new thing. But to me , it’s a very bad omen for the future of this country.

God has a plan and rules for sexual behavior. It’s in the Bible. Read it.

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Progressive churches are literally based on sexual freedom. Sure they don’t say that . They call it inclusion, acceptance and love. But look a little deeper and you’ll find that the key issue that led to the formation of these anti-evangelical, anti-fundamentalist, anti-Bible communities is the right to have any kind of sexual experience that you desire. This concept is very enticing and successful at drawing more and more believers away from Bible-based churches that do not allow their favorite sin.

The wages of sin is death and sexual immorality is sin. Yet it is being used as the foundation of a church?

This is nothing new. It’s pure pagan idolatry . True Christian pastors must warn and educate the body of Christ because Satan is very crafty. He has and will continue to use God’s good gift of human sexuality as a tool to tempt and destroy the unaware.

God warned the people before they went into the promised land to stay away from the pagan women lest they become corrupted by their idol worship . They did not obey and this led to their downfall. Pagan sexual idolatry is a subject that non-Christians know more about than church people. Church people are in danger because they don’t understand the enemy.

Similarly , American Christians have been led into idolatry by the sex industry which hides within the social justice movement. Glorifying human sexual experience over our relationship with God required that a new type of religion be created. This religion is called Progressive Christianity, but it is definitely not Christian . Choosing your sexual preferences over obeying God’s clear instructions is sin and idolatry.

Pastors must speak out on what God says about sex , the scriptures about sex, the purpose and joy of sex within marriage and the dangers of sexual immorality or we will lose this war. Pornography has already nearly destroyed the church and divorces over infidelity are common. Christians are suddenly announcing they are changing sexual orientation and genders . We are in crisis!

Please , pastors , leaders , parents, don’t stay silent, even if you have to blush and squirm . Confess your own sins if necessary! Then do the right thing and warn people about the trap of sexual immorality . Church members , ask your pastor to preach on this topic . You could save your church .


  1. A recent blog by Mercy Oluokun addresses this, as did I on a couple of occasions:
    And back in 2018, https://capost2k.wordpress.com/2018/10/14/three-weeks-of-sex/ I did a series of four blogs.
    Two of the best resources for a Biblical theology of sex is The Gift of Sex by Penner and Love and Respect by Eggerichs.
    Sadly many who call themselves Christians think the a “try-out time” is all right before getting married.
    We need to be different from the world if we are to win anyone to Jesus.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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