The gods of this Age

Whether you say it was planned or they were just waiting for it to happen, the ‘gods of this age’ have been working towards goals for the world that they needed a pandemic to get moving.

Who are these gods? They are the scientists, CEOs, investors, and politicians working together behind the scenes in many locations. Accelerating the digital revolution, digital ID, digital currency, and moving people away from identifying as individual citizens of a specific country and ‘being in it together’ to ‘fight the global pandemic’, are just a few of their goals. This article shows how different companies are reacting.

GOAL: The creation of a global digital economy connected by thousands of 5G towers sending instant data from millions of sensors and smart phones to giant servers. This world will have zero privacy and constant connection. All financial transactions will be monitored. Instant blocking of accounts (sanctions) will be possible on all those who do not follow the rules.

But there is also another specific goal that was furthered along by the pandemic. This goal, global healthcare, is purported as a means to equity and providing healthcare to the world. These planners use careful marketing and language so that any ‘reasonable and fair’ person would agree that this is a good idea.

For example, check out these words from Jonathan Quick, a ‘doctor’ who works for WHO, the Rockefeller Foundation, Global Health Council, Harvard Medical School, blah, blah, blah, in some vague positions such as adjunct professor, managing director, resident advisor, and contributor. This doctor has also written numerous articles. Makes me wonder when he has had time to see patients?

If professional athletes can get routine tests, so should our teachers, students, essential workers, nurses, bus drivers, and others at risk – free of charge. Investing in ubiquitous testing, a cornerstone of The Rockefeller Foundation’s national testing plan, is not only equitable but also far cheaper than the cost of another economic shutdown. The equitable distribution of Covid-19 testing and contact tracing, supplies, and resources will pave the way for equitable distribution of vaccines when they are available.

While we grapple with the effects of an unprecedented global health emergency, we must also remain focused on continued, equitable expansion of health services in the U.S. and around the world. By working toward universal health coverage and mainstreaming portable benefits tied to work, rather than employers, we can ensure a more equitable recovery from the pandemic.

Now when you read this, keep in mind that Dr. Quick also wrote a book in 2018 called The End of Epidemics in which he said that we should “Spend prudently to prevent disease before an epidemic strikes, rather than spending too little, too late”, “Ensure prompt, open, and accurate communication between nations and aid agencies, instead of secrecy and territorial disputes”, and “Fight disease and prevent panic with innovation and good science”. This book was written knowing that soon it would become a reality.

Behind these ‘wise’ words and all of Anthony Fauci’s and Bill Gates’ vaccine speeches, is the unstated message that GLOBAL policies MUST be made that ALL nations must adhere to in this quest for ending pandemics. And part of COVID messaging has been to give us data on ALL nations in order to make us feel like one big connected family all struggling together. The fear-inducing propaganda has nearly destroyed the mental health of many children and young people.

In truth, we have had a global economy for a long time, but many Americans believed the propaganda that we were independent at least as far as our government. Our own leaders have referred to a ‘new world order’ since the end of World War 2 ! However, due to the power of the US dollar, we have been able to remain the top world power. With the phasing out of of fossil fuels, there will be a new, new world order, including changes in our relations with the Middle East and China, and Russia.

This 2009 video about the global plan to recover from the 2008 recession is fascinating.

Up to now, cash and in-person shopping and deal-making has still been a big part of the economy. These cash deals are seen by many as ‘fraudulent’ and ‘untaxed’ profits that need to be brought under control. With COVID, millions of people were forced to switch to digital payment systems and banking and shopping, all of which produce new income for bankers. The gods of the age are working to make sure that they get their cut of every transaction.

Of course, despite the smiling media campaigns, no one can be connected to the entire world emotionally or physically, unless you use technology to make it happen artificially. But the goal is not actually to connect us, but to get us ready for the digital transformation they want for their own reasons. The pandemic has actually created more isolation and had a very negative impact on social skills and relationships.

I think only a few groups of powerful people at the top have these specific goals of a global government. Many of the people who work for these NGOs, the UN, and governments actually care about people. But from the beginning, when I started researching COVAX and other pandemic related websites, it was clear to me that global health was the goal for pharmaceutical companies and investors.

Getting governments to commit to paying for vaccines and the expenses of distributing them, rearranging the power of local health boards and hospitals and even Medicaid are part of the process.

Economic planners have been preparing for this step since the Club of Rome declared that oil would reach a point of no longer being profitable.

The technology and infrastructure, 5G and everyone having access to it, the minerals for batteries, the electricity to power it, smart cities, internet of things devices, are going to make many people rich.

So you can see how the COVID pandemic, planned or anticipated, has been just what the doctors ordered. A way to terrify the public, an excuse to invoke emergency powers, and the ‘reason’ they needed to accelerate progress in their goals.

But, wait, don’t go, let me tell you about an even deeper, more sinister plan is unfolding which is the plan of Satan to be the actual god of this world. Getting out from under God’s authority has always been the goal of Satan, a rebellious, created Angel, and his demonic army.

When I pass by cell towers and 5G towers, I see the Tower of Babel. When I see the UN Sustainable Development Goals, I see promises of a perfect world and no mention of the God who created it. When I hear of vaccines to eliminate all diseases, I hear that we can conquer death. When I hear of trying to end all pandemics, I think of the plagues that God promised to send in the book of Revelation. When I hear of digital identity I think of the mark of the beast. Satan is trying hard to prevent the coming wrath of God.

As the time grows short, and more and more people become aware of Satan’s lies, He will try to speed up the plan. This is why they are telling us we are all going to die if we don’t implement the Climate Agenda RIGHT NOW!

Fulfilling the UN agenda will require everyone to forsake God in one way or another. Satan’s hope is that you will not notice because you’ll be too focused on your own life. Pay attention to the unspoken words of these people.

Why would we put so much faith in people who do not believe in God? Bill Gates is an atheist. Maurice Hilleman, who is father of modern vaccines and invented 40 of the most commonly used ones, rejected God in favor of Darwin. Our schools and governments are run by humanists. And the wolves of Wall Street definitely do not seem concerned about Biblical principles. Larry Fink had Jewish parents, but I could not find any information indicating that Fink believes in God. Yet these powerful people control the world.

“I didn’t know Larry Fink [BlackRock CEO] had been made God,” the irascible Zell told CNBC, complaining about the rising power enjoyed by big index fund providers over swaths of the equity market. “I just wonder whether America is really ready for Vanguard and BlackRock to control the New York Stock Exchange, because that’s what’s happening,” he added.

Sadly , despite the constant focus on “education”, people seem to have lost their innate knowledge of God. Maby people in America don’t know Jesus, and don’t know the prophecies of the Bible that are being fulfilled in our time.

More and more people are falling under the spell of the world, believing the lies of utopia without God. But many people are also waking up from the spell they were under and the lies we were all taught since the beginning of the Progressive Era, that mankind can be perfected by reason and science.

God is calling everyone to repent and be saved! It’s not too late for you to seek ‘the way, the truth, and the life’ that only Jesus can provide by his supernatural power.

So while you are learning about the lies and deception of the world, remember that those of us who believe in Jesus have hope! We know that this world is not the end and that the best is yet to come for those who belong to God.

No matter what happens with pandemics or global plans, we have a King in heaven who is waiting to for us and we will spend eternity with Him! While we wait, we should be spreading this good news to all who will listen. And do not put your faith in the gods of this age.


  1. Wow, PK! You said a few mouthfuls!

    I’m surprised every time people are anxious and willing to let more outside powers into their lives: Alexa, Google, 23andMe; even music players that remember their preferences.

    I’m labeled as an ignorant, paranoid weirdo for my discomfort. I can’t ignore the creeping feeling to get off the grid!

    • You’re not paranoid, just smart and aware of the possibilities . And there’s so much more than I wrote here . It’s really been amazing how God has been leading me along this path to the truth . I don’t necessarily want to know that everything I’ve been taught about this country has been a cultivated narrative, but that’s the reality .

      • It’s sad . Even what many churches teach is cultivated narrative. Read your Bible ! I’m amazed at how new things are jumping off the pages at me in passages I’ve read many times before. It’s very true that scripture is spiritually discerned . Look up King of Tyre and Prince of Tyre . Ezekiel 28.

      • As my brother once told me, “Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re NOT out to get you!”
        We who believe the Bible need to prepare for the challenges of a world that hated our Master, because if it hated Him, it will hate us. ❤️&🙏 for you and John, c.a. 😉

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