Chicken Lady

Getting older has brought many unwanted physical changes , and a new fascination with politics and economics. But growing up is not all bad. I’m having fun with my sudden interests in gardening, home improvement, and chicken raising.

We have raised many chickens in the 19 years since we moved out to the boonies . In the past my kids did almost all of the chicken chores : feeding , watering , collecting eggs, cleaning up.

But now that they have mostly moved out and all have jobs, I have become the chicken lady. I’m surprised at how much I enjoy my new job . It gives me structure and a routine and a sense of accomplishment as I care for them and collect eggs. You could say they are like my new children.

Do you have chickens ? Has getting older brought changes in your routine?

Getting big fast
New chicks
They’re almost big enough to mix with the older chickens .
I’m learning how to handle this feisty rooster .


  1. WHB in K.C. used to have a shtick called, “Chicken Man” and the tag line was “He’s everywhere, he’s everywhere.” Did weird super hero stuff like trying to save a city from being buried in cotton candy, but usually wound up making the situations worse! 😂 Hope you have better luck with your chickens!

  2. We have chickens. 🙂 Just picked up 6 new pullets last night to add to my (13) 1 year old layers. (also have a rooster and 2 hens I let roam the property, just for fun. I have a wonderful Robert Fulghum story you would LOVE that ties into this conversation. I’ve noticed my energy level has dialed back a couple of notices..first started noticing it in my early 50’s. Fun post

  3. My chicks are growing so fast! They started flying out of their cage into the coop so I took them all out and put them with the big chickens ,and now some of them are going out into the fenced in yard . Did you hear about the avian flu going around? I hope mine don’t get it.

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