Dangerous Goals and Empty Promises: Sanders’/Biden’s Platform for America

Have you been wondering what the Democrat candidate for the highest office in the country and maybe even the world is hoping to accomplish if he is elected? Since he has not been seen or heard from much, it’s hard to know what you are voting for. Unlike President Donald Trump who is constantly talking to the press, Joe Biden has been noticeably absent. When he does get some press, it’s usually about his ‘gaffes’ , his propensity to say the wrong thing about minorities or just be unable to complete a meaningful sentence. So I did some research to see what Biden stands for. This article spells it out well.


This is not the actual platform. I don’t want to copy her entire article, so please click the link above. It’s easy to read. In short, it’s a plan for more expensive taxpayer funded social programs using terms like ‘fair, free, and ban” that appeal to their usual base.

“For the millions of Americans facing hardship due to President Trump’s failed coronavirus response, this election offers the chance to usher in a stronger, fairer economy that works for our working families,” Biden said in a statement. Sanders acknowledged that he and Biden have “strong disagreements” about issues, the jointly produced paper is “a good policy blueprint that will move this country in a much-needed progressive direction and substantially improve the lives of working families throughout our country.”

Below is the link to the actual platform. (Funny that it says “for Distribution”. It should say, for “income redistribution” which is their actual goal.) Their goals are all predicated on the belief that ‘government will fix everything’, but they never talk about how government ’caused’ most of the problems. As expected, and “predicted by conspiracy theorists”, the Democrats blame a downturn in the economy on President Trump, not the government overreaches during a viral outbreak that prevented people from working, the inconsistent and unscientific mandates made by governors based on unproven claims by the CDC that the virus could be spread through the air despite forced mask-wearing, isolation, and restricting businesses to 50% or less capacity, closing restaurants and hair salons and gyms, the extreme measure of shutting down all group events that normally bring in millions of dollars even in cities with zero or low numbers of cases, fear-mongering and shaming by the CDC’s spokespeople and media, and closing of schools, one of the largest employers in the country. These are the things that caused the economic downturn for workers, but made online businesses and stockbrokers much wealthier. https://www.businessinsider.com/billionaires-net-worth-increases-coronavirus-pandemic-2020-7?op=1 This link blames various things for these people getting richer, but the real cause is the things listed above. People needed to buy things and they couldn’t go to their normal places, so they bought from Amazon. Various online companies saw their profits soar, investors threw money by the buckets at vaccine manufacturers, and people speculated on new currencies. The fact is that the rich do get richer and the poor get poorer in times of crisis. The unanswered question is who is to blame for the crisis and who stands to gain power due to people being in crisis. Obviously those who blame Trump stand to gain if people believe them. Trump has blamed China all along and was criticized for it. We will probably never know if it was purposeful or an accident , but we do know that the virus originated from China and that Trump was trying to stop it from coming in back in January. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/trump-administration-weighing-ban-on-flights-to-china-over-coronavirus-fears-report/vi-BBZrsTY

“That is why Democrats commit to forging a new social and economic contract with the
American people—a contract that invests in the people and promotes shared prosperity, not one
that benefits only big corporations and the wealthiest few. One that affirms housing is a right and
not a privilege, and which makes a commitment that no one will be homeless or go hungry in the
richest country on earth. A new economic contract that raises wages and restores workers’ rights
to organize, join a union, and collectively bargain. One that at last supports working families and
the middle class by securing equal pay for women and paid family leave for all. A new economic
contract that provides access for all to reliable and affordable banking and financial services. A
new social and economic contract that at last grapples honestly with America’s long and ongoing
history of racism and disenfranchisement, of segregation and discrimination, and invests instead
in building equity and mobility for the people of color who have been left out and left behind for
generations.” From the Democrat Platform

America has always been different from the rest of the world. People come here seeking freedom, peace, and the opportunity to improve their lives. The Democrat policies have long been policies of less freedom, more division, and reduced opportunities, despite their flowery promises to the contrary. There is no ‘free’ lunch. Every program that the Democrats promise must be paid for by someone and that is always the working class. I’m not saying that Republicans are perfect, only that their policies are better for a free society. Yes, we could work on being sure that corporations do not evade taxes or create monopolies, but we already have laws against those things. We need to elect honest judges and set term limits and stricter campaign financing rules. However, the differences between the two parties’ goals for America are like night and day. Even if you dislike Trump personally and find his social media games obnoxious, you must admit that his actual policies are pro-America, pro-jobs, pro-freedom. The choice is clear. A vote for Biden would be a disastrous vote for an economic and moral downturn that America will possibly never recover from! We are not Venezuela, but their current economic and social chaos offer a good example of the dangers of a progressive platform. Please cast an informed vote on election day.



  1. Amen, well said!! Awesome post! You are exactly right! Trump is a real American Patriot who is working for us, and Biden would continue to sell us out to China and destroy our economy just like he did with Otraitor for 8 years. Thanks for speaking the truth! Trump2020Landslide! God bless!

  2. Well done! Thank you. One area the Democrats never address is why they never fixed the problems they complain of when they had the chance. Biden acts like everything was fine three years ago and we just need to restore what we had. The Democrats simply want power for its own sake. They are willing to divide Americans into segments by race, gender, age, and class to secure power. Shameful. Plus, they are waging an all-out assault on values God has given us in the Bible, including male-female marriage and life for the pre-born. Good post. God bless your ministry!

    • Exactly , they always promise these things! Look at California and you can see the truth about Democrats and their hypocrisy . They want others to deprive themselves while they continue to live richly . Thanks for reading !

  3. The Biden campaign is really shaping up to be an unusual social experiment. This is going to be the first campaign in American history I think where the candidate engaged in literally zero human contact. He is flying around the country for campaign stops where he has four or five people in the room with him. Like for their “Hispanic outreach” event in Florida, he was at a podium and introduced by a Latino celebrity… to four random Puerto Ricans. There is video of him getting off a private plane and waving and pointing in different directions like he’s working an adoring crowd, but no one is there. Neither he nor Kamala answer questions from the press, and when they do to try fake human interaction, it’s totally scripted. He reads off a teleprompter or flash cards for ordinary conversations, no matter how inane. He’s like the candidate that doesn’t even exist. You almost have to think if they are successful at this, they might run a social media sock puppet account next time. I’m sorry, but this is just FREAKY.

    • Wow, that’s worse than I thought. Freaky for sure. Also, if the public will vote for someone acting like him and her, what else will they vote for and allow?

  4. It seems to me that the Democrats are either clueless and voting for Biden due to their insane hatred for President Trump, or actually have some idea of what is going on and consider that they are actually voting for Harris to be the next President. In neither case is there any perception that Biden would be a good President.

  5. I am absolutely petrified to think what would happen if things didn’t go this one specific way. But I know that the other side feels the same way. I think they’re crazy and they think that the crazy person is me.

    People are making these recent elections personal is an unprecedented way – you should vote for Biden/ Harris because Harris is a woman and women’s rights are human rights. I thought we were fighting for equality? Why are we trying to promote one gender over the other without discussing their actual merits?

    Great topic.

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