Costi Hinn’s Testimony of leaving the Prosperity Gospel

The above link is a podcast of an interview with Costi Hinn describing his life in the family business run by the prosperity preacher and televangelist Benny Hinn. This may be the most encouraging and interesting testimony I’ve heard in awhile ! Only God could do this! Hinn left a lifestyle that can only be described as royal when he learned that he had been taught a false gospel. He believed that everything his family had taught him as a child was biblical but then he learned that his uncle picks and chooses certain verses to support his lavish lifestyle while preaching to the poor and claiming to be a healer. This is one story of God’s mercy and grace you don’t want to miss. 

Below is a separate testimony given at church by Costi Hinn who is now a preacher and teaches the true and complete gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Below is a link to a blog post of another wonderful testimony of deliverance from a false church. I included it because she mentions how Costi Hinn helped in the process.

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