Censorship on Youtube is just the beginning.

Please pay attention to the attack on freedom that is happening in the United States. The internet started out as a wonderful place to find information. However, a few popular sites have become very powerful and are using their power to decide what you can and cannot see and read. Yes, the internet is also home to many bad sites and is used to exploit certain people and we need protection and laws to protect the vulnerable, but censoring things due to political or ideological difference is not right. Freedom is in grave danger in this country and the whole world and it is directly related to our own sins of lust, hate, greed, pride, and unbelief. Unfortunately it may be too late, but if God’s people will turn from their wicked ways, maybe God will have mercy on us!

JP Sears has an important message. Please watch and check out his other enlightening videos on Youtube and Subscribe if you approve. Watch the whole video to see the doggie at the end.


  1. I just started following JP. He’s hilarious, but as Paul Harvey used to say, “he makes a point sharp enough to draw blood.” My recent favorites are “How to Be a Woke White Person,” and the one on the latest CDC information.

    • He makes me LOL. I used to watch him, then I stopped because he seemed a little too new agey, but lately he seems more down to earth. I don’t know what his religious beliefs are, but he’s funny and I like his courage and views on freedom and being healthy.

  2. Amen, so true! I’ve been censored by Twitter many times. All the social media companies are leftist controlled platforms and they persecute anyone who disagrees with them. That guy is funny. God bless!

  3. Youtube is youtube’s platform and if they want to take down false and maliciously misleading content from their platform, it is their business. There is a lot of harmful disinformation spread about things like COVID19 these days, a lot of it by foreign governments, I don’t blame Youtube for taking it down. I can see how proponents of conspiracy theories and lies would be upset by this, but there is no freedom of speech issue here.

    • Just curious if you would say, it’s Youtube’s platform, it’s their business, etc. if they were targeting other types of information besides ‘conspiracy theories’. Would you be okay with them taking down other politically related ads, maybe pro-Democrat topics like pro-abortion, pro-all white men are bad, pro-socialism?

      • Youtube can do what they want with what sort of content they want on their platform. Their business is collecting data on you to do a better job of targeting ads. The video makers and watchers are Youtube’s product that it sells to advertisers.

      • You know, I generally hate talking politics because it is pointless, but you made some implications there. I was a happy Republican until 2016 when the GOP put of a loud-mouth buffoon and prolific liar and he actually won. I have endured 4 years now of his amazingly stupid comments, bold-face lying, idiotic rage tweets, narcissistic behavior, race baiting, and mismanagement of everything he touches. There is nothing stupid enough or sleazy enough that Trump can do to lose the support of his followers though, because he has done it already. If Youtube and Facebook shut down his disinformation campaign, then fine, disinformation his how he campaigns. I am a conservative and I can tell you that Trump is not. He is a clown that is bringing down the Republican Party.

      • I have also endured those tweets and things you listed, but I have benefited like the whole country has from his resurrection of the economy and other things he has done to reverse the damage done by Bush/Obama. He’s not the Conservative type of public leader I would like to see, but I would never vote for Hillary or Biden or any Progressive.

      • One thing that I have noticed over the years is that the economy doesn’t really care who is in the White House. It does its thing. It was great in the 90s and then resilient to multiple crises in the 00’s and began a very strong run that lasted most of Obama’s term in in to Trump’s. The US economy is very strong and does what it does. I have a nice stock portfolio that tracks this quite well. The latest crisis to face the economy is Trump’s horrible mishandling of the Covid19 crisis. He is just not suited for the job. He goes to tactics that he honed as a crooked businessman and reality show host – denial, deflection, lying, change of direction, firing those who disagree with him, bullying federal agencies to change their policy to help him get re-elected. He has delusions of dictatorship. The Covid19 crisis is several times worse than it had to be and the economy is suffering.

        The economy will do what it does under Biden or Trump because it is part of the global economy. If it is good, they will try to take credit. If it is bad, they will try to blame the other guy.

        I just don’t get his support base. What evil thing is there about Biden that even approaches the character flaws in this willfully ignorant, misogynistic, hate-mongering pathological liar? He is the polar opposite of Christian virtue.

        A President’s primary role is head of state and leader. We have seen a stupid trade war with China to threaten the economy. And when real crises came up this year he was utterly incompetent. I can list off his management of this: Denial, deflection, joking, lying, ridiculous quack medical claims, taking no responsibility and telling everyone that he doing a great job, firing those who he disagrees with, manipulating the CDC and DHS, etc. When is enough enough?

        He also spreads lies about the climate crisis as a political tool to polarize his support. He campaigns on willful ignorance and science denying. He has said so. Climate science is in broad consensus that our pollution is harming the earth’s climate and there is tons of evidence, but he would rather lie about it to get voters who are pro-pollution i guess? I just don’t get it.

        There is nothing Biden can do that will be as harmful to this country as Trump. I have never voted for a Democrat in my life, but I am voting for Biden.

      • It’s true that the stock market is able to profit during economic ups and down for some people. But for the average working class family, those same ups and downs mean unemployment, uncertainty, inflation, and going deeper in debt . The things you listed could also be seen as Trump reacting to a full out war against him by the left . And the climate agenda is a very big deal to the left and you are correct that Trump and his supporters are not on board with it. That is probably the biggest reason for their massive campaign to dethrone him. The left wants to join in with the global leaders whereas Trump and his supporters want America to remain a sovereign nation.

      • A full out war against Trump by the left and a full out war against the left by Trump. This is politics as usual. I generally look at the Wall Street Journal (very conservative) and the New York Times/CNN (very liberal) and avoid Fox and the Washington Post like the plague.

        Being part of international agreements in no way threatens the sovereignty of the USA. We are part of lots of international agreements. Nobody is threatening the US’s sovereignty, it is quite the reverse. We didn’t lose any sovereignty under Obama. I don’t understand this argument.

        There is an excuse for every inane thing Trump does it seems. It baffles me.

        Climate change is not a left or right issue. It is a human issue. It should scare the heck out of everyone. I don’t understand listening to politicians and pundits on this issue. Every year is a record year for heat and we are in the midst of the largest mass extinction since the dinosaur cataclysm. This is real.

      • I think what many of us believe is that climate change is not caused or controlled by humans , not that it doesn’t happen . The sovereignty I’m talking about is having to meet UN standards versus making our own decisions. The UN is a godless institution. As you probably know , many conservatives believe in God and do not want to join ranks with the UN or any government that ignores and denies God’s sovereignty over his own creation. It’s a losing battle because we know that the world will turn its back on God eventually, but then Jesus will return to judge those who have not believed. I don’t know if Trump believes in God or not , but for now I think he is being used by God.

      • Human caused climate change is very settled and there is little doubt among the actual climate science community. But politicians and pundits like to use it for political games. Our pollution is having serious impacts on our planet. I don’t understand being pro-pollution. There are better ways that don’t create economic hardships. I have been listening to this my entire adult life and I used to be in the Rush Limbaugh club. First it was there is not climate change. Now there is but it’s natural and not related to pollution. The ten hottest years on record happened within the last 15 years. Ancient glaciers are gone. Largest mass die-off of species in millions of years is occurring. This is not normal and it is not natural; only politicians think so.

        The UN is no more Godless than our government. If the US would take a leadership position on this, as we should be doing, we’d be having a great deal of contributions on the standards. Most of the damaging pollution doesn’t even come from the US, but rather industrial development and deforestation in other parts of the world. But, instead of helping, we are arguing politics. Frustrating.
        But as with other things, Trump is ceding global leadership on this and other issues to China. Worst President ever.

      • You sound like someone who has been living in Austin too long. 😉 I’ve seen that syndrome before. But if you have some ‘settled climate science’ links to share, I will check them out.

      • I guess having an education is bad, but if that’s how you want to dismiss me; that’s fine. I said my bit and hate talking politics anyway. If you think that Trump will save you from all the horrors of the Democrats, then you should probably vote for him.

        There is plenty out there on climate change. I would look at actual scientific sources like Scientific American or similar and avoid political sources. But I can’t do all that homework for you.

      • Don’t get mad. Just having a conversation with you. Education is good. Something like man made climate changes would be pretty hard to prove I would think, just like the age of the earth and origin of the universe. I’m not anti-science. Just anti-bad science. But it’s all good! I’m not worried either way as far as the election. Actually just curious to see what happens. I hope for the country’s sake that there is no election-related violence or chaos. I do care about people.

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