Two-way Mirror

Behind the walls you’ve built

Under the cover of darkness

Secrets hidden inside your brain

No one knows the real you,

Except God.

He is standing behind the mirror.

Everything done in secret is wide open to Him.

Don’t fool yourself.

Step behind the glass and see.

He’s waiting for you.

Arms open wide!

His heart reaching out to yours.

Can you see through the mirror?

Look past yourself and see.

He’s calling you.

Forgiveness and redemption are yours!

Look closer into the mirror

Past your sin and fear and doubt.

Jesus is there watching and waiting.

Will you seek Him?

You can trust Him!

He loves you.



  1. Sometimes we as humans need to remember there are things so much bigger than us and the problems we think are so overwhelming. Thank God that if you receive Him, He will never let us down.

    On another note PK, I have a running question. What running shoe do you recommend? I’ve had my Nike Reax Run 5, and I’m afraid they’re on their last leg. I was thinking of buying the same ones, what do you think/recommend?

    • Are those working for you? If so I would stick with a similar shoe. If you have no pain , don’t change to a very different type of shoe. I have very hard to fit feet, so my shoes would not necessarily work for you. As far as Nike, I found some fairly cheap ones that I actually liked at Academy. Nike Zoom Winflo 6. I was wearing New Balance Vongo but they keep changing them.

      • Yes, definitely! But since I’ve started to run, I’ve literally run them into the ground. They are comfortable and they provide the support I need. I was just wondering if you (a seasoned runner) would have any other suggestions, But, it you say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, then do be it! lol

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