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I’ve been looking on Facebook Marketplace for a mattress because my cat pooped on my son’s mattress and it was too nasty to clean. He needed a new one anyway, so out the door it went. Today I saw a  listing for a twin bed and the photo showed the bed with a colorful kid’s character comforter and random pillows and other blankets thrown on it, as if it was still being used. It is located in bedroom with a stick-on tile floor that  has some pieces no longer sticking. There are socks on the floor and a room air cleaner machine.

Screenshot (2)

Why is this bed for sale? Did the child move out? Did they go live with their other parent? Did they go back to their family after being in foster care? Off to college? Kicked out? Is the owner of the bed desperate for money?

Then I see other beds for sale that look brand new , set up in a bedroom. Why do people buy beds and set them up and then get rid of them? “Like new”. “Never slept on”. “Still in plastic”. Beds with nice headboards. What is the story there? Bought a big house and set up a guest room , but was so busy working to pay for the house that they never had guests? Wanted guests but everyone was too busy? Expected grandma to come visit, but she preferred to stay in a hotel?

What about these people selling piles of new mattresses at low, low prices, much lower than the store prices? Are they rejects? Old styles? Closeouts to make room for new models? Or cheap copies made to look like good mattresses? I don’t know and I don’t plan to find out, just like I don’t buy meat from the back of trucks that show up at my front door despite the No Soliciting sign on the gate.

So many unanswered questions. Would you buy a used mattress if they said it was never used, still in the plastic, or had always had a mattress protector on it? Are you scared of bed bugs or germs?

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  1. As a single mom many, many years ago, I had to sometimes look for alternatives to buying my kids mattresses. Either I got hand-me-down’s from my parents because I knew where these particular mattresses came from and that my mom took very good care of the mattresses (replacing them every six years). Or, I’d get them from friends and such, but that was before my OCD kicked in, lol.

    Now, I would only buy a “used” mattress from someone who had actual proof that it wasn’t used. Like wrapped in the original plastic and such.

    • My mom always buys the good ones, lol. But my kids’ bedrooms are small, so I need twins. Have you shopped them lately on actual furniture websites? :O So expensive! My own mattress is 17 years old. We put a board under it and a foam pad on top to keep it usable. Poor folk make do!

      • I have checked the mattresses out. My mattress is about as old as yours. But I have no problem with it even though peeps say you should replace them every 8 years. I’m like, sure if you have the money to shell out every 8 years for a $2500 mattress! Mine was expensive when I bought it, it’s a Sealy Pillow Top, extra firm. And since I sleep all over the place, it’s worn evenly. I take it out every six months to give it an airing, and it has a mattress pad so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’m poor folk too so I totally get you, lol.

      • I think that replacing mattresses thing was a clever marketing trick , lol! Kinda like, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

  2. Just out of curiosity, have you checked Amazon? Sometimes they have decent deals, but it may be more than you are looking to spend. I would have a hard time buying a used mattress because of bedbug concerns and who knows what else was on there. However, I wouldn’t have a problem buying ones still in plastic..but you do what you have to do and make do! I hope you find one that is in good condition and is affordable! God Bless!

  3. I bought my kid a nice mattress when she was just 3. Now, she’s ready for a new mattress at age 13. Her old one has a corner slope where she sleeps on it every night. I have changed it around many times but the slope comes back each time. I guess we will end up tossing it. I couldn’t imagine selling it to someone. Not only because of the slope but, you know, things happen over 10 years time. I try to buy furniture that will last forever, but that’s not entirely realistic. Things just aren’t made like they were before.

    • Yes, bad things happen to kid’s mattresses! 😂 I’d say ten years is a pretty good run. I did find a good , clean , like new mattress locally. 👍

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