The “S” Word

Everyone loves to talk about love!

We all want to be given grace!

Who doesn’t enjoy  forgiveness and mercy?

Kindness, patience, tolerance, understanding, they all feel so good!

But ….


Why do people like those things and want and need them?

What is the CAUSE , the action, the behavior, that precedes the need for forgiveness, grace, mercy, forgiveness, understanding, second chances, love?

It’s not a popular word.

Not mentioned much anymore in polite, PC circles, like church, social media, family conversations.

But there’s a place you’ll hear a lot about it. A book that was written for people everywhere in every country , of every age, in every time period.


The word is SIN. The book is The Holy Bible, God’s Word. 

Before you get grace, you must admit that you NEED it! You must CONFESS your SINS!

Will you?

Do you even recognize that the cause of most of your problems in life is rejection of God, his laws, his plans, his sovereignty, his control? You must understand that if you truly want to be forgiven.

Only sinners receive the grace and mercy that Jesus provided by his sacrificial death on the cross. He died for your SIN, not because you are such a ‘good person’!

The world is doing a very good job of trying to eliminate the word sin and replace it with things like mistakes, bad choices, options, and diversity.

Read the Bible. Let God himself show you the way to truth. Grace is waiting there for you! If you will only admit your need for it.

You can read this one online.


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