The Most Important Thing in the House

White, black, yellow, or maybe green,

the kitchen’s tall and silent queen.

Blending in with the cabinets

only missed if she’s on the fritz.

Her worth is rarely fully measured

yet we trust her with our treasure.

The place we go to seek the cure

for hungry cravings we can’t endure.

Keep the lettuce and tomatoes  cold,

keep the cheese from getting mold.

Shelves kept so full we cannot find

the condiments that hide behind

the milk and sodas and yummy food

that keep us in a happy mood.

Where’s the salsa? Where’s the mustard?

I think I see it behind the custard.

Do we have some pickle relish?

I need it for my tuna sandwich.

In the freezer is ice cream and meat

And bags of veggies no one will eat.

Frozen foods like pizza and juices

are essential for daily uses.

Don’t forget to buy dad’s favorite!

Mountain Dew, he will savor it.

Look inside, but don’t just stand there!

You’ll let out all the cold air!

The temperature isn’t right, oh no!

Time to head to Home Depot!



    • Start saving up! Yikes they are expensive. Glad you liked my poem. I thought it could use some changes. Might ask my husband. He’s a better rhymer than I am. 😀

      • I feel you! We ended up getting a good deal with no interest on a Lowes credit card ( and a sale price) and paid it off before they started charging interest. Hopefully yours will hold up a long time for you!

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