Change your thoughts, change your life!

This may sound simple ,but first we have to figure out what thoughts are actually behind our actions and choices. Often the true thoughts are hidden under the lies and excuses we tell ourselves and others for why we do and don’t do the things we know we want to do to make our lives better. Fear of failure is a very common underlying hidden thought.

I choose to quit before I try because I might fail. But I have a million other “reasons” why I tell myself I don’t do things. Ask yourself the real reasons . Identify the thoughts that are holding you back. Then change those thoughts. Instead of ,I should not try because I might fail and failure is the worst thing ever, tell yourself, there’s no such thing as failure . There’s only tried or didn’t try . Just Keep trying!

Learn all you can to increase your chance of success. Ask for help . Take classes. Get therapy. Get a loan. Move. Get a coach . Read books. Get a partner. Change your thoughts , change your life!


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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