Can you ever be good enough ?

Good enough depends on who’s doing the judging .

Hopefully your mom and dad think you’re special and everything you do is amaaaazing ! Hopefully your best friend overlooks any slight annoying habits or flaws and loves you anyway. Hopefully your children or siblings think you’re pretty cool and don’t judge you. But what about God?

Can you ever be “good” enough by God’s standards? What are his standards? Oh , straight As, absolute perfection, holiness, sinless. Just, you know , not one single lie or lustful thought or angry feeling or lazy mood or selfish motive or jealous action. I don’t know about you , but that doesn’t describe me or anyone I know , even babies or old people . I think my daughter Grace and other severely disabled people might fit into a special category, but we aren’t talking about them.

So what then? Are we all going to Hell ? No! Good news! God made a way for us , as imperfect as we are, to meet his standards. He did it in an unusual way. It seems strange to us as humans, but we are not like God . How did he make a way? He literally became a man without sin for us and then died nailed to a wooden cross as the punishment for the sins of all of us , you , too. Then , the good news, he defeated death and came back to life! Those who believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that he died and rose again , for your sins and mine, because we are not good enough to be in God’s family, we believers are forgiven , sins covered up, slate cleaned, robes washed and now WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

Next Sunday, Easter , is the day most Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Our Savior Jesus. I know some have issues with the celebration and there’s a connection with pagan fertility rituals, but my belief is that I’m going to celebrate my Savior and I have nothing to be ashamed of . God knows my heart. So I hope you’ll go to church for the right reason and that you’ll truly believe and let God’s only Son set you free from slavery to death , sin, and the world . Jesus alone offers peace in a world that judges and says you’re not good enough or tells you that you’re good enough , IF . Let him relieve you of that burden.


  1. Thanks Paula. Your paragraph beginning “Can you ever be…” explains Ecclesiastes 7:20, which is the verse I’m briefly preaching from at tomorrow’s community prayer meeting.

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