Half moon = Happy Face :D

It may not be scientific, but I’ve definitely noticed a trend that things seem to be more balanced and people happier when the moon is at the half-full stage.  This is a general statement, so I’m not saying it’s a happy day for every single person. So far I’ve had a good weekend, starting yesterday.  I haven’t slept well, thanks to menopause, but I’ve been fighting for my life anyway. The earlier stresses of the week have subsided for the moment so I loaded up my pack and my dog and went off to run trails yesterday. Then last night I reaped the results of eating badly after my run , plus low hormone levels and couldn’t sleep, so I took a Benadryl and slept until 9:30 today. But I got up and caffeinated myself so I could power through LIKE A BOSS, as usual. My youngest son and I went to Walmart to buy charcoal so my husband could smoke some b-b-b-baby back ribs and we came back with a hibiscus plant, printer ink, a new Bluetooth ear-thingy for my husband, and a tray of Celosia ( cockscomb) plants. My son is spending too much time on video games lately so I said no games and made him do a little gardening with me. It was fun and I think he enjoyed it, too. My husband was playing with his tractor and two of my other sons, I have so many, were riding dirt bikes around the property like it was a race. It was supposed to rain today, and the local car show was cancelled,  but thankfully the weather guessers were wrong and at my house, at least, we only had a few sprinkles and then nice cool air came flowing in, bliss.

IMG_5111IMG_5121IMG_5116 I ended up running 13.4 miles of very hilly, rocky, sandy, bumpy trails with my dog Ellie. I was struggling but I know I have to push myself to get stronger and I was loving being out there. The weather was nice, low humidity and not too warm, and hardly any people on the trails. My quads are sore today from pushing it on the downhills and that’s a good feeling. I wonder if my dog gets sore. That was her longest run ever! I’m half considering signing up for a race at the end of this month, but money is tight, so I don’t know. I hate to pay to run, but I love the camaraderie. Have a great weekend! How was your day?




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