Like a toasted marshmallow, crispy outside, gooey inside.
A stretched tight water balloon, about to burst on impact.

A gumball.
A banana.
An avocado.
An unshelled pecan.

The tough outside hides the soft inside.
Protected, covered, disguised.
Thoughts, fears, shame, pain.
Heart and soul wearing a bulletproof vest.
One word can break right through.

Iphone 448



  1. A beautiful poem for your daughter. I absolutely adore that name, in fact I like all your children’s names.

    Is that a new tattoo your husband got?

    • Actually that is an old photo of a new tattoo that he gave himself a few years ago. I was looking for a photo of LOVE and that was going to be the word in the poem. Then I saw that one and changed it. I just got inspired about how people hide their true selves and feelings when I reading the book , Beartown. It’s very intense.

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