Why am I so excited?

I’m excited because today is the first day of the 2018-2019 year for Community Bible Study! My two youngest sons and I have been attending the class since 2008. They were just preschoolers then and now they’re taller than me. We skipped one year because I decided to put my race training before studying God’s Word. Bad move! He brought me back the next year with renewed commitment to try not to miss a weekly class.

What is it? It’s a non-denominational , in depth , verse by verse , book by book, study of the Bible . We meet once a week for two hours in a local church . Our class is in the daytime so it is perfect for homeschool moms and kids . The children’s classes start at infants and go through high school. My class is women and children only and our director is an amazing , godly, educated woman.

My favorite part besides learning SO much , is the fellowship of like minded women. That can be hard to find these days. I live in a rural area so these women come from different towns and have all kinds of backgrounds and lifestyles, but we all want to know God and serve Him. I love singing , praying, discussing the lesson, and eating a meal with them. The leadership team is made up of women who are fully dedicated to their role . They’re all volunteers but they put so much time and effort into it you’d think they were paid . Weare truly blessed.

Maybe you are looking for a weekly Bible Study. Here’s a link to see if there’s one in your area. There are classes worldwide and for all ages , men and women . If you’re my local friend, it’s not too late to join!


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